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6 New iOS 12.1 Features You Do not Want to Miss Your iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

While there were a lot of features added in iOS 12, one that had been bragging about since June was nowhere to be seen. Until now. With the iOS 12.1 update, your iPhone is getting a huge feature, as well as a few smaller ones to boot.

Before you jump right to what's new in iOS 12.1 for iPhones, you'll want to get in this action right now , you'll want to join the iOS 12 public beta program. By joining, you can try new features first, before the masses.

1. If you want to wait for the stable release, then you can certainly do so – just make sure you have "Automatic Updates" enabled. There's More Than 70 New Emoji

Apple added 1

46 new emoji in total to iOS 12.1, however, a lot of those are skin variations of people or body parts. So, the total emoji added minus skin tone options comes out to 76, which are all in the emoji 11.0 list that was released to vendors in June 2018. Actually, one of those 76 is the United Nations flag that was available in Emoji 4.0 in

So, Apple has changed the two phone emojis from phones that have face buttons instead of physical home buttons.

2. Group FaceTime Has Finally Arrived

This is the big feature that Apple promised us back in June, and it's finally available to try out. With it, you can have FaceTime audio or video chats with up to 31 additional users for a total of 32 users in one group call. Group FaceTimes can be inspired by messages or in the FaceTime app itself.

3. X S or X S Max devices, they came with dual SIM support so you can use two different cellular plans at once, like one for personal use and one for work. However, this is not possible out of the box since they do not have two slots for physical SIM cards. Instead, they have one nanoSIM and one eSIM, the latter of which is not ready for prime time until now.

from the nanoSIM to the eSIM so that comes when you're traveling or need to pop in another SIM, you'll be able to do so without any hassle. Speak to your carrier for information on transferring your current plan to the eSIM.

4. iPhone X S & X S Max Users Get Real-Time Depth Control

One of the hottest features on the iPhone X S and X S Max out of the box is the depth controls when editing a portrait mode image. Well, in iOS 12.1, you can not adjust the depth of the picture.

Image by 9to5Mac / YouTube

5. New Flashlight & Camera Sound on Lock Screen

This is a movie on the iPhone or a new model, the accompanying audio sounds more pronounce and clicky. Before, it was a very dull sound, but now it sounds almost metallic.

6. There are changes for Apple Watch Owners

If you have an Apple Watch, you'll be able to call the speaker during a call using one touch Like it was in iOS 11, as long as the Apple Watch is connected.

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Justin Meyers cover photo and screenshots / Gadget Hacks

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