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7 Games To Play If You Love Among Us – Review Geek

Bossgard and Project Winter
Sand Sailor Studio, another Ocean Interactive

Between us is the latest trend and it̵

7;s all about good ol ‘asynchronous multiplayer. It’s a rare type of game that basically only means certain players (the “cheaters” in Between us’ Fall) have skills and goals that the other players don’t. But while it’s a rare genre Between us certainly not the first, so when your group of friends is tired of it Between us Games, here are some new asynchronous multiplayer games to try out.

Ice Cold Illusion: Project Winter (PC)

In this cool title, up to eight players are thrown into an icy arena where they must complete objectives in order to escape. But one or two players are traitors who will either have to kill all of the survivors or sabotage them so they cannot escape. Project winter is very focused on the skills and knowledge of the players as you will need to craft items to survive, find locations on the map and engage in an actual combat system. With localized voice chat, players can only talk to others nearby, which increases immersion.

Infected: Left 4 Dead 2 (PC)

Left 4 dead 2 There are a few modes for single and multiplayer. However, we want to focus on “Versus” here. In this mode up to eight players play either as survivors or as infected and everyone has different paths to victory. The survivors are trying to get into the security room and the infected are trying to stop them – easy, but that’s all you need for asynchronous action. This is a great way to challenge your friends as you each need to consider the best strategies for their respective teams.

Between us, But with weapons: Unfortunate spacemen (PC)

Take the basic requirements behind it Between us, Give guns to the crew members and turn them into a first person shooter and you have Unhappy spacemen. This is a survival horror version of the genre where you have to survive on a spaceship while shape-shifting aliens (who are of course controlled by other players) hunt crewmembers inside. It supports up to 16 players at a time, so you can actually put some large groups together. You have to be a good marksman to defend yourself, provided you survive long enough. It’s even free to play (with cosmetics as in-game purchases) so anyone can join.

In the crowd: Spy Party (PC)

Unlike the other games here, Spy party is only intended for two players: a spy and a sniper. The spy’s job is to have complete objectives spread across the level while trying to appear as one of the NPCs on the map. On the other hand, when the spy messes up, the sniper is looking for either by doing a task at the wrong time or by moving weirdly. When a timer keeps running out it becomes a tense game.

It is important to remember that Spy party is currently in Early Access and has been up and running for about two years. So don’t be surprised if technical or playful problems arise. There is no estimated release date for 1.0 yet.

You’re the Boss: Bossgard (PC)

in the BossgardOne player controls a boss enemy while all the others try to defeat him. It’s a simple premise, but a great one without a doubt. Using powerful attacks as a boss is satisfying, and it’s a great time outsmarting the boss as a Viking. There are a few different modes available depending on the number of players you have. However, as long as you have between three and six players, everything is fine. There are a variety of bosses to play and weapons to choose from. This game should offer many sessions of fun monster killing.

Classic print: City of Salem (mobile / web / PC)

City of Salem There are no fancy mechanics or graphics to distract you – it’s pure social derivative. Based on the popular social game werewolf (also known as mafia), someone is murdered in town every night, and it’s up to the citizens to find out who the killer is. Certain players may have special roles, like the nurse who can protect people from murder or the investigator who can work to discover the roles of other players. The game is as deep as the mind games you play in it. It will be a fantastic time with the right group.

You can play City of Salem free for Android, iOS or the web version. You can also buy it on Steam for $ 4.99 and purchase cash and cosmetics in-game. There is a cross game between all three platforms.

Play any side: Root (Mobile / PC)

This is a faithful adaptation of the board game Root, and the core idea is great. There are four factions, each with a different control over the forest. Some need to focus mainly on defending land, while for others it is just the opposite. This is great asynchronous gameplay, but it gets particularly interesting with the fourth faction: the vagabond. The vagabond is a neutral faction that can travel anywhere regardless of its borders and get the other factions to join in on their plans. The added item of choice root Bringing to the table makes it different from the other games on this list, and is sure to be a hit with fans of board games.

root is available for Android, iOS and PC with crossplay between all platforms. A switch version is planned for later (no release date yet).

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