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7 new iOS 12.1 features you do not want to miss on your iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

While there were a lot of new features in iOS 12, one that Apple had been boasting about since June was nowhere to be seen. Until now. With the iOS 12.1 update, your iPhone gets a huge feature, as well as a few smaller ones.

Before we jump directly to the new features in iOS 12.1 for iPhones, if you want to get started right away, you want to join the iOS 10 public beta program. By joining, you can first try new features before the crowds. If you want to wait for the stable version, you can do that for sure – make sure "Automatic Updates" is enabled so you do not forget to install it when it finally appears.

. 1
There Are More Than 70 New Emoji

Apple has added a total of 146 new emoji to iOS 12.1, but many of them are skin variations of humans or body parts. The total number of emoji minus skin tone options is 76, all from the Emoji 11.0 list, which was shipped to vendors in June 2018. In fact, one of these 76 is the flag of the United Nations that was in Emoji 4.0 in 2016 but has not yet been adopted by Apple.

Also, Apple has changed the two phone emojis from phones with home keys to those with face ID instead of physical home keys. At some point in the beta, after the bagel was added to emoji, Apple updated it with cream cheese, since it was not spread anymore – which was blasphemy for anyone eating bagels.

2. Group FaceTime has finally arrived

This was the big feature that Apple promised us in June and is finally available to try. Allows you to perform FaceTime audio or video chats with up to 31 additional users for a total of 32 users in a group call. Group FaceTimes can be triggered or answered by in messages or in the FaceTime app itself.

3. You can now use eSIM

If you operate one of the new iPhone X S or X S Max devices came with Dual SIM Support so that you can use two different cellular plans at once, such as one for personal use and one for work. However, this was not possible because they do not have two slots for physical SIM cards. Instead, they have a nanoSIM and an eSIM, although the latter has not yet been ready for prime time.

Even if you do not currently want to use two-cell plans, you should convert your current wireless plan from NanoSIM to eSIM so that when the time comes when you are traveling or need to use a different SIM card, you can easily do so can do. For information on how to transfer your current plan to the eSIM, contact your provider.

. 4 iPhone X S & X S Max. Users get real-time depth control

One of the hottest features on the iPhone X S and X S Max out of the box is the depth setting when editing a Portrait mode image. Well, in iOS 12.1, you can adjust the depth of the photos in portrait orientation during recording, not just after the fact.

Image of 9to5Mac / YouTube

5. New flashlight and camera sound on the lock screen

This is one of the things you'll probably never notice, but when you open the flashlight or camera on the lock screen of an iPhone X or a newer model, the accompanying audio sounds more pronounced and clicky. Before, it was a very dull sound, but now it sounds almost metallic.

6. There are changes for Apple Watch owners

If you have a Apple Watch, you will notice a new color under "Face Gallery" in the Watch app, and you can change the speaker during activate a one-touch phone call as it was in iOS 11 while the Apple Watch is connected.

. 7 The & # 39; Beautygate & # 39; phenomena in portraits are over

There was a big controversy over how the camera app selfies with the front lens on the iPhone X S [19659013] and ] X S Max. Titled #beautygate, Apple's software would smooth out the details in a self-portrait and make the skin look as if it had a "beauty" filter. The new smart HDR function is to blame, according to The Verge, who chose a blurred base image as a guide when exposing recordings. Apple has confirmed that this is a bug and fixed it in iOS 12.1.

Cover Picture and Screenshots of Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

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