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7 Reasons Why Online Fax Is Best Suited For Your Business

The advent of smart devices- mobiles, tablets, and laptops has instantly transferred most forms of communication online; from the way people interact with significant others to the way businesses communicate among themselves and with clients. The use of faxes has not been left behind.

There are tones of effective fax companies on Google Fax Free that will help you send your fax in seconds with zero paperwork, no phone line connection or massive machines.

Below are some reasons why you might want to consider making the big leap to online fax:

Easy to use

Unlike the bulky machinery that would be daunting for many young employees, an online faxing system would be much easier to use and maintain. Unlike the old faxing machine that would intimidate most new employees, an online faxing system takes minutes to understand and use. Learning how to fax from windows 10 is much easier than how to maintain a fax machine.

Eliminates all possible cyber threats

Most businesses have chosen online faxing and cloud storage for the extra security they offer for the transfer of sensitive documents. Coupling internet faxing services with a reliable cloud storage service provider is a sure way of eliminating traditional filing which is easy to compromise. Online faxing is adequately encrypted, which reduces the chances of interception and hacking during transfer. The security of online faxes may also be higher than that of e-mails, as faxes are sent as .PDFs, which are less likely infected with viruses.


Online faxes by far outweigh traditional faxes by them being available for use on the go. You do not need to be in your office to send an online fax. If you have a reliable internet connection and your Android or iOS mobile device with you, you can quickly send or receive faxes.

Some online fax companies have amazing features that enable you to download, sign and send any essential documents when you are not available on sight.


It goes without saying that online faxes eliminate the need for that large fax machine. The only thing you will need to send faxes online would be an e-mail address, a reliable internet connection and a device to receive your correspondence.

Other faxing services go the extra mile and offer cloud storage for your faxes so you do not have to print them out. They offer enough storage to archive your faxes. You need to look for a service provider that gives you sufficient storage space and lets you keep your faxes for as long as you need; otherwise, you can invest in extra cloud storage if your business handles lots of faxes and files.

Environmentally friendly

The advent of online faxes eliminates the need for paper files, which makes you reduce your ‘carbon footprint.’ All faxes are sent and received as soft copies and are even signed electronically and saved in the same format. Internet faxing reduces the quantities of paperwork, space, and power while helping your business become a better environmental manager.

Better organization

The biggest challenge businesses face is the proper arrangement and sorting of files. Most business owners will agree that maintaining a filing system that makes it easy to access files in seconds is rather daunting. However, with an online faxing system, you will no longer have to worry about poring through thousands of hard copy files looking for one document. The search function will enable you to access any file on any device quickly. Moreover, unlike the traditional fax system, you no longer have to worry about failure to send or receive a fax, ruined files or loss of important documents.

Another advantage to using online faxing is that unlike e-mails where your correspondence might end up in the spam or junk folder, your faxes will always be seen on time by the recipients.

Reduced costs

With online faxing, you eliminate all costs in fax machine maintenance, ink, cartridges, toners, and other expenses allied with traditional faxing. The only thing you need t run an effective online faxing system would be an internet connection, your smart device, and to sync up with a reputable online faxing service.


Online faxing has become the choice for many proactive and tech-savvy businesses. Internet faxing is the go-to choice if you want convenience, security, file accessibility, and better organization.