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8 things you need to know about Amazon Prime Wardrobe



In the age of online shopping, buying clothes has a special dilemma. Are you going to the mall to try on clothes before you buy them? Or do you buy them online, try them at home and then return them for a refund?

Both have their mistakes. Shopping centers are usually overcrowded, there is often a limited choice and going to a dressing room can feel like a nightmare. When shopping online, there are shipping costs, return costs and sometimes even top up fees.

Amazon tries to solve all these problems with Amazon Prime Wardrobe . They fill a box of clothes, shoes and accessories, they are delivered to you free of charge and you pay nothing in advance.

You try everything from the comfort of your own home and send back what you do not want.

Sounds great, right? For the most part it is. But there are a few disadvantages. I learned the following from Amazon Prime Wardrobe.

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Prime members only

Like Amazon, Prime Wardrobe is reserved for Prime members only.

Not already a member? Here are 21 advantages of Amazon Prime you might want to join.

At least 3 pieces

Maybe all you want to try on is a Sherpa-lined denim jacket before you actually buy it (based on personal experience). You must select two more items to add to your Prime Wardrobe box before Amazon ships them.

You can choose up to eight items per Prime Wardrobe Order.

There are some exceptions

The most frustrating part of Prime Wardrobe is that for many items, not all sizes and colors are suitable for Prime Wardrobe.

Over and over again, when I rummaged through the site, I came across an item that I liked and that bore the label "Prime Wardrobe". But when I clicked on the product page and chose my size and / or preferred color, it was not suitable for the program.

On the customer side, there seems to be no reason or explanation why some sizes are part of the program and others are not.

Screenshots by Sarah Mitroff / CNET

Shipping takes a bit longer

Prime Wardrobe eliminates the usual two-day shipping. Once you've created your box and submitted your order, you'll receive your items in four to six business days.

You have 7 days to try it

With Amazon Prime Wardrobe, you have a week to test everything and send stuff back before you get charged. If you keep the box beyond those seven days, everything will be charged to you.

According to Amazon, the try-in time begins once all the articles have arrived. My entire order has arrived in a box, but it is possible that you will receive separate shipments.

You still need to check out.

Before you return your unwanted data, you must complete a purchase from the Amazon website or the mobile app. You mark what you want to keep and what you do not, and then pay for your items.

On the seventh day of your trial, you have time until 11:59 pm. PT to complete the order process, otherwise you will be charged for the entire order.

Returns Are Really Easy

The return process was gratifyingly simple – even more than sending normal purchases back to Amazon.

Your Prime Wardrobe box contains a stamped return label and the box is sealed with adhesive tape. Once it's packaged, just take it to a UPS store or drop-off location.

1 box after another

You can only make one Prime wardrobe order at a time. Only when you have completed the ordering process for your current order, you can start another order.

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