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9 apps help organize your holiday gift list

A good Gift List app deals with things like syncing between different platforms and identifying which stores have the items they need. Here is what you can download on Android and iOS.

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  9 Apps to Organize Your Christmas Gift List

The status of your Christmas gift list is … complicated. You can find them on Post-its and paper scraps as entries in your phone's Notes app and bookmarks in your browser. This can make purchasing a daunting task and inevitably lead to forgotten items.

Before this happens, you should first get your Christmas gift list and download a Gift List app. Once you've made your list, there's no need to double-check it because a good Gift List app does most of the work: sync across platforms and find out which stores have the items you're looking for, such as the size of your gift recipients.

A gift list app is probably one of the cheapest gifts you will buy this season, as most are free or under a dollar. It will surely save you from holiday blues and could help your holiday budget go into the red. A note: Some of the apps are specifically Christmas in name and appearance, but work well for any holiday in any season.

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