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9 things to do before you go on vacation

Preparing for a Holiday can be very stressful. What feels like a million other things must be done and organized so that you can have a few days of relaxation in a place you can visit only once a year … if you're lucky [196592002] Apart from packing and quadruple checking your Luggage here are nine things you should do before your next vacation in the house.

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The last thing you want to get home after a nice, relaxing holiday is a dirty home. You may not have to thoroughly clean everything before you go. But after a long day of traveling through the door to a dirty house, you will break out of the relaxation mode.

That means cleaning your home before going on vacation is not just for your own sanity. It also aims to help things not go wrong, as take over fruit flies in your absence. Scrub the sinks and toilets, vacuum and throw or eat any fruit sitting.

Clean the fridge

While you're at it, have a look in your fridge. Freeze, eat or throw anything that will spoil you while you are gone. That's pretty self-explanatory. Nobody wants to come home to a fridge full of rotten, stinking food.

Take out the garbage

To be fair, removing the garbage is part of the cleaning. However, if you clean your fridge, it is recommended to repeat that you should definitely make sure that you remove the garbage before leaving. If you do not, you run the risk of getting all kinds of rancid odors and pests in abundance.

Check the

As he walks around frantically and packs and cleans the house, one easily forgets the obvious things. The last load of laundry that you forgot to put in the dryer, for example.

Before you go, check the washing machine. Coming home to a full load of laundry which had a week to sit and get angry, is less than ideal, to say the least.

Take precautions for the fire

Before you go, make sure you unplug the electronics from the house, which does not require power while you're away. It will not only save on your energy bill it will lower the risk of an electric fire. Remove Things Like Routers,
Computer or Unused Chargers

Program Your Thermostat

Another way to save energy while on vacation is to set the thermostat on a path program. Many newer thermostats – especially smarte – offer a feature like these that adjust the temperature setting when you're away from home. In summer it will increase the temperature for cooling and in winter it will lower the temperature for heating.

Just be prepared to wait for your home to return to a comfortable temperature when you return. That is, if you have a smart thermostat, you can turn off the absence mode hours before your arrival and go into a perfectly refrigerated (or heated) house.

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Put Lights On Timer

A simple step you can take to prevent break-ins is to put lights around your house on timers. You can do this the old way with analog timers. But if you want to improve the effect, use smart bulbs. Not only can you control the lights remotely, but you can set them on a different schedule every day while you're away to better simulate someone who's home.

You can take things a step further. Entire Smart Home in Vacation Mode . For example, put a TV or radio on a schedule with a smart plug or something like the
Harmoniehub. Not only do you have lights on a schedule, but you could let the TV play for a few hours at night to make it more convincing.


Put your light on the timers so they can tackle and leave while you're gone, making it look like someone is really at home ,

Josh Miller / CNET

Ask a Friend to Collect Your Mail

This is not technically in home, but if you keep your mail at the post office, your mail will not pile up – a telltale sign of that the place is free. Oddly enough, the postman skips your home every day for a week. Sometimes it's better to ask a friend, neighbor or family member to drop by and collect the mail every day.

Check all windows and doors

Just before you go, it is advisable to check all possible entries points around your house. Make sure you have not left any rarely used doors or windows open. It's easy to forget this side door, which is rarely used, and is also the first place a would-be thief would likely look.

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