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9 Ways To Make Your iPhone Work More Productively When Working From Home «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

With most of us staying at home in the United States due to the new corona virus, many of you are likely to have problems working productively and efficiently from home. If you have not previously worked from home, it can be difficult to separate work from private life during the "work day". However, your iPhone can help make the transition easier and more successful.

However, the iPhone can be a double-edged sword when it comes to productivity. With mobile games, social media, video services, music apps, podcasts, news alerts and other distractions, you can easily get lost for hours if you want to be on the watch. When used correctly, iPhone can save you time and protect you from a tiring day.

Here are nine ways you can turn your iPhone from a problem into a solution.

Tip 1
: Use app limits to limit distractions

With "App Limits", part of Apple's screen time function you can set a daily time period for certain apps. You can find it under Settings -> Screen time -> App limits. Select "Add Limit" to see a list of categories, each of which contains apps that are currently installed on your iPhone.

Activate a category to limit all current apps and future apps that fit into the group to one set. Duration every day. You can also tap the category to view its apps, which you can then turn on independently (you can't turn them off when the entire group is turned on). If you just want to narrow down a few selected apps without scrolling through categories, swipe down and use the search box to find and select the app.

When you have selected everything you want, select "Next" to configure your daily app aid. After selecting a time frame, select "Adjust days" to adjust usage to less during the work week and more at the weekend if desired. Finally, click "Add" to complete your decision.

Tip 2: Set downtime for your iPhone

Another feature of screen time is " Downtime", which is helpful for your entire iPhone, more of a distraction than just a handful of apps. Downtime sets a daily time limit for your iPhone so that all but a few apps are available during that time. The nice thing about downtime is that it applies to all devices that use the same iCloud account, so you can't get around the limitations with your iPad.

Downtime can be found under Settings -> Screen time -> Downtime. Here you can configure the time for one day or for all days at the same time. After specifying the period in which downtime is enabled, return to screen time and choose "Always Allowed". Then add or remove apps (and even contacts) that are always available even during downtime. For maximum productivity, you should only limit yourself to the apps that you absolutely need. By default, your iPhone sets phone, messages, FaceTime, and cards as allowed.

Tip 3: Use Georgie to stay active and motivated.

If you have an Apple Watch, Fitbit, or other activity tracker, you may receive notifications that you have been sitting too long and that it is time to get up and move. Running around and getting the blood moving is an easy way to stay motivated at work. But what if you don't have an activity tracker accessory?

Georgie is an app that closes this gap. After installation, you will receive a notification to walk around every 60 minutes, and a notification every two hours to push you to stretch. You can configure the time and part of the day that these warnings appear by opening the app and swiping left to the second page.

Tip 4: Do a quick workout at lunch.

While you move a little during the day, it is good to maintain productivity. Go ahead and add a workout to the mix. Do an exercise during your lunch break or before or after work, no matter how long it takes. Everything is better than nothing. However, if you're not sure what to do, you can use several great seven-minute training apps that only take your smartphone and about seven minutes of your time.

Tip 5: Meditate with Get rid of negative thoughts

With the loneliness of working from home and the impending fear of COVID-19 it can help you to stay calm for the working day and keep you in top shape when you take the time to meditate. Meditation is like a workout for your mind, except without physical exertion and much less sweat. Check out some of our top app recommendations to find out which ones are best for you and your iPhone:

Tip 6: Use a Bluetooth keyboard for faster typing

If you have tons of them for your job Spend hours on your iPhone because if you don't have a computer, invest in a Bluetooth keyboard. Even the most experienced type on an iPhone is faster on a full-size keyboard.

A great option is the Logitech Bluetooth keyboard for multiple K480 devices (which, depending on availability, costs between $ 38 and $ 50 to sell or not). Up to three devices are supported at the same time, between which you can switch with the Easy Switch wheel. It has shortcuts for the iPhone and a holder that you can use to hold your iPhone in landscape or portrait format for optimal use.

Image via Logitech

Tip 7: Use a Bluetooth mouse to quickly navigate

One of the latest features in iOS 13 is official support for a computer mouse. Combined with the keyboard above, you can turn your iPhone into a mini-computer and easily tap, tap, swipe, and more without ever touching your phone's display. We have a fairly detailed guide on how to pair and use a mouse of any kind.

A great option is the Logitech MX Anywhere 2S wireless mouse (commercially available for $ 79.99 but turned on) for sale $ 59.99 at Amazon). It works on any surface, so you don't have to invest in a mouse pad. Like the keyboard described above, it can be connected to up to three different devices and has a battery life of 70 days.

Image via Logitech [19659027] Tip 8: Connect to an external monitor

If you already have a computer monitor, you can You connect your iPhone to enlarge the screen of your iPhone. If not, you get one. This makes it easier to use your iPhone as a work-from-home device because you can see its contents on a larger screen. All you need to make it work is Apple's Lightning to Digital AV adapter ($ 50 on Amazon) and an HDMI cable like the AmazonBasics high-speed 4K HDMI cable (from $ 6.99 Dollar on Amazon).

Tip 9: Master the Mail App

Email is an important part of working from home. Learning the pros and cons of the Mail app can reduce the time it takes to read spam and unimportant email, and can help you send email faster while providing the personal touch you need others can read them. In iOS 13, Apple added a number of new features to support just that. Check out our guide below for detailed insight into these features and start your journey to master them.

Images by Nelson Aguilar / Gadget Hacks

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