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A Premium Gaming Chair at a Competitive Price – Review Geek


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Price: 289

  The EWin Racing Champion Series Gaming Chair

Gaming chairs are usually three things: expensive, ugly and somewhat uncomfortable. But somehow, EWin has managed to stand out from the competition with its affordable, comfortable champion gaming chair.

Here is what we like

  • Comfortable and breathable materials
  • Robust aluminum base and steel frame body [19659004] Easy to assemble
  • Everything is adjustable, including the armrests
  • . Delivered with smart gloves In the past, I spent a lot of energy to complain that gaming chairs do not work as well as office chairs. To prove my point (to myself), I decided to use the EWin Champion as a full-time office and gaming chair. At this time, I've probably spent more than 100 hours with my buttocks planted in the champion and it's now my dedicated office chair. Even the cat likes it. Go figure.

    What sets the champion apart from the others? Is it the materials? The anime-like design? The memory foam inside? Well, my love for the Champion began when I opened the box.

    The Easiest Assembly Imaginable

    Let's start with a bit of honesty. I like to assemble new toys and furniture until it is a problem. Friends and relatives are shy when I have a tool in my hand; they have learned not to interrupt the maniacal episode that takes place when I have a bunch of loose materials and disorganized screws in mind.

    But last month, this manic obsession has gotten a punch. I've just moved into a new building and the congregation gland in my brain is exhausted from disassembling and reassembling so many stupidly designed furniture. When the EWin Champion chair arrived on my doorstep, I honestly feared the idea of ​​using it. I thought about renouncing furniture forever, but then I'll have the power to cut the box.

    I'm still impressed with how well the box was organized and what short 15 or 20 minutes I spent assembling the EWin Champion chair with an included Allen key.

      My messy desk with the EWin champion
    Andrew Heinzman

    In the box, the large parts of the chair (seat and backrest) are mostly pre-assembled and the smaller parts are clearly labeled and divided into baggies and boxes. At first I was confused about the small number of screws contained in the box, but I quickly realized that most of the screws in the body of the chair are preinstalled, so you do not have to look for them

    Of course the chair comes with supplied in a user manual. I'm glad to say that this manual was written by a single pulse creature. It's easy to follow, just one page long and contains no typos.

    The EWin champion chair is also supplied with a pretty pair of gloves. This seems a bit strange (I assumed they fell for it during the packaging process), but they are included in every EWin gaming chair. Are these gloves for games? Should you wear it while you assemble the chair? I have no idea, but I appreciate their existence.

    Surprising build quality

    As a lazy work-from-home guy and dedicated PC gamer, I spent a lot of time in my new EWin champion chair. During this time I was pleasantly surprised by the build quality.

    The construction of a chair is similar to that of the human body. All chairs have a dense bone frame, soft fleshy innards, and a protective outer shell (I do not feel well when I say a chair has skin). As a human, you probably do not want to be made up of cheap parts. Well, chairs do not want to be made of cheap parts, which is why the EWin Champion is built with a steel frame, a dense Memory foam body and a surprisingly rich and tightly sewn polyurethane upholstery in a leather look. [19659028] With these components, the EWin Champion chair is a durable, heavy animal. It is dirt repellent, feels very safe and despite all efforts, I have not managed to fall back while sitting.

    As long as my cats love and respect my belongings, this chair should have a long life a long time. And believe me, I hope it lasts a long time, because as it turns out, well-built chairs are super comfortable.

    Comfort and adjustability

    EWin does not lie when it says that the champion is made up of high-density memory foam. This is a solid chair. And while I hate to sink into a chair, especially when I'm at a computer, I think the champion might need a bit more cushion. Normally I do not notice the strength, but sometimes I have to put a small blanket on the champion's seat to keep things comfortable.

    Fortunately, the innards of the champ are soft. Let me repeat something; The PU leather interior of the EWin Champion is luxurious. It's as soft as an expensive coat. And while faux leather is notorious for storing heat, I did not catch myself sweating in the EWin champion chair. The champion is surprisingly breathable.

    However, wearing comfort does not only depend on the materials. It also depends on the adjustability. And every part of the champion is adjustable.

      The EWin chair with its armrests in shaky positions.
    Andrew Heinzman

    Like most desk chairs, the Champion also has a hydraulic height-adjustment lever. I'm a little over two meters tall and my feet barely touch the ground in the champion's highest position. The Champion also has an adjustment lever and can be adjusted to a nearly horizontal position, which is extremely convenient (though not quite practical).

    Surprisingly, the armrests of the champion are completely adjustable. EWin calls them "4D armrests" because they let themselves be turned, slide left or right, can be lifted up and down and you can push them forwards or backwards. If you do not like armrests, you can remove them altogether. I like to keep the armrests at the lowest level. I spend most of my computer time typing and the armrests are great for supporting my elbows and keeping my wrists straight.

    The only thing that makes me uncomfortable with this chair is the lumbar pillow. It is a bit too bulky and a bit too low for my taste. And while you can technically adjust the height of the pillow by lifting it along the straps, the straps can not be tightened so the pillow will not stay where you set it.

    As far as the neck pillow is concerned, I do not know how I feel about it, because I can not reach it without forcing my back awkwardly into the chair. Also, the straps can not be tightened so I can not adjust them to my taste. Fortunately, both cushions can be taken off the chair, and I usually use a small throw pillow instead of the lumbar pad.

    The "Huggy" Factor

    <img class = "wp-image-16338 size-full" data-pagespeed-lazy-src = "https://www.reviewgeek.com/thumbcache/0/0 /c0c8302f252af005038672c26abb7eb4/p/uploads/2019/05/10fb15c7-5.png "alt =" The champion threatens like a monster starving for a hug. [19659034] Andrew Heinzman

    Well, I have a special one (and possibly unjustified) complaint about most racing style gaming chairs, they are a bit too "huggy." Like a booster seat, racing style chairs fold in and you can feel it on your back and buttocks. reinforce this discomfort.

    The EWin Champion chair is unique in that it contains just the right amount of "huggy." It's comfortable, but prevents me from crooked or crooked in an unergonomic position that the bulkiness and lack of adjustability of the Lendenki subtract from the postural "huggy" factor by pushing my lower back forward. Maybe it's just my body type, but I think a smaller lumbar pillow would make this chair even better than it already is.

    A cool, albeit niche design

    In recent years, I have managed to go through an awkward number of chairs. Of these chairs, the EWin champion is the only one who looks like he came from an anime.

    Well, is that a bad thing? Not necessarily. I feel like I'm steering a mecha while I write product reviews or play video games, and that's reassuring. It gives me a strange sense of power. But would I recommend this chair to a friend because of its design? It depends on the friend probably.

    Do not get me wrong. I think that EWin has found the right balance between style and usability. And I understand that the champion has to stand out from the competition because gamers tend to buy the products used by their favorite Twitch streamers or creators. It's just that the design is a small niche. Besides that, I think the champion looks better than most gaming chairs, and the armchair's embroidered EWin logo is not too noticeable.

    Overall, this is the case of a great chair. It is comfortable to work and play and designed for longevity. At just under $ 300, the champion is the best in his league. I just hope that I can find a use for these gloves.

    Here is what we like

    • Comfortable and breathable materials
    • Robust aluminum base and steel frame body
    • Easy to assemble
    • Everything is adjustable, including the armrests
    • comes with chic gloves
    • Affordable

    And what we do not

    • Clumsy cushions
    • Fixed cushions

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