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A second stimulus check is still possible for authorized adults. Who could qualify?


Congress has not yet agreed on who will be eligible for a second stimulus check, but it is expected that more people will be involved the second time.

Sarah Tew / CNET

For the last month, talks should pass another stimulus bill was at a standstill, but you could still get one second stimulus test this year. If the Senate fails to pass legislation, the White House suggests drawing incentives from existing pandemic programs. A new payment that could possibly be Bring thousands of dollars to your familyAccording to a Gallup poll released this week, voter support across party lines is 70%.

If the negotiations Start over and legislation or an executive order for a new stimulus payment will be passed. One of the most important questions is: How would qualifications change from the first exam to the next and would you benefit from it? Read on for more insights and give it a try CNET’s Stimulus Check Calculator to estimate how much you might get paid. This story is updated often.

Anyone who could qualify for a second stimulus check

We won’t know for sure who will qualify for a new stimulus payment until Congress passes the laws. However, we can pull from that first stimulus checks Heroes Act and HEALS Act eligibility requirements and suggestions (neither of which are required by law) to get an idea of ​​who may or may not get a second exam, including some unexpected qualifiers below.

Both Republicans and Democrats use Adjusted Gross Income or AGIto determine the payment amount for individuals and families, which would be capped at $ 1,200 for individuals and $ 2,400 for married couples.

Who could qualify for the next stimulus check?

Qualifying group

Probably in the final bill

It is unlikely that the final invoice will be available


An AGI of less than $ 99,000 on both proposals

Head of household

An AGI of less than $ 146,500 on both proposals

Couple submitting income together

An AGI of less than $ 198,000 on both proposals

dependent all ages

There is no limit for dependent persons under the HEALS Act

Up to 3 dependents under the Heroes Act

Non-citizens who pay taxes

Under Heroes Act


According to the CARES law

Owe child support

The CARES Act excludes those who owe child benefits. Heroes Act includes them

US citizen living abroad

Included in the CARES Act

Live in US territory

Under the CARES Act, payments are processed by the tax authority of each area

SSDI receiver

Included in the CARES Act

Non-taxable filers

Included in the CARES Act

What’s the latest about loved ones?

While the initial payments approved under the CARES Act are $ 500 for Relatives up to 16 yearsBoth the HEALS and Heroes Acts would loop all addicts, including college students and adult dependents, regardless of age. The Democratic plan would expand $ 1,200 each for up to three loved ones, so a family of five could receive a maximum of $ 6,000. The Republican plan has $ 500 for each dependent you claim from your taxes, but the HEALS Act doesn’t put a cap on the number of dependents.

Who didn’t get the first stimulus payment?

For the payments approved under the CARES law that came into force in March, these groups have been excluded:

  • Individual Taxpayers with an AGI greater than $ 99,000
  • Heads of household with an AGI greater than $ 136,500
  • Married couples with an AGI greater than $ 198,000
  • Children over 16 years and students under 24 years
  • U.S. Government Non-Resident Aliens
  • People who are imprisoned
  • People who have died since the last tax return. (Your families may not be collecting on their behalf and will be expected to return payment.)

Look at that:

Senator Mitch McConnell: “Didn’t give up hope” the next …


When will Congress finalize new stimulus testing requirements?

At the moment the timetable for discussions is in the air. Talks between Republican and Democratic negotiators over the new stimulus package have stalled, but both sides have signaled that they are ready to take up the debate. The Senate is on recess until after Labor Day and the House after that USPS funding passeddidn’t plan anything. After the sides reach an agreement, the stimulus plan will not take effect until the president signs it into law.

While we won’t know exactly until the two sides come together on the next stimulus package, we have a good idea of ​​it when a check could be sent when a new bill goes.

For more we know about that Main proposals for a second stimulus package. We also have information about unemployment insurance, What can you do when you’ve lost your job?, if you could get two refund checks from the IRS and What do I need to know about evictions?.

Shelby Brown contributed to this report.

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