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A wonderfully clunky solution for playing in the living room – Review Geek


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Price: $ 250

  The Razer Turret keyboard and mouse.
The Razer Turret is an expensive and sometimes unwieldy mouse-keyboard combination, but worth it for the right player. Michael Crider

How do you use a mouse and a keyboard while you're on the couch? The question has plagued PC players who want to play for years in the living room, but Razer believes it's the best solution.

What we like here

  • Feels fantastic on the couch
  • Brilliant magnetic mousepad
  • Solid metal construction
  • Easy to move despite size

And what we do not

  • High price [19659004] No macros or custom lighting on Xbox One
  • The mousepad is a bit small

And it might be true.

The revolver is said to be compatible with the Xbox One, but compatible with almost anything that requires mouse and keyboard input. It combines a "tenkeyless" mechanical keyboard, a typical Razer mouse in the Mamba / Deathadder style and a huge and heavy metal frame that sits comfortably on your lap. It's all connected via a super-fast wireless dongle and lit naturally like a Christmas tree.

Razer wants $ 250 for this massive package. And it could be worth it for a certain type of player.

Thing Is a Chonk

That's what I thought when I opened the turret package for the first time. With a depth of 7.6 cm x 15.4 cm wide x 1.5 cm high, it is great for a tenkeyless mechanical board. But if you pick it up, you'll notice that it weighs more than four pounds – heavier than most laptops.

  An enlarged side view of the metal deck on the revolver keyboard
The massive metal deck of the revolver helps keep it on your lap. Michael Crider

It feels like it could stop bullets. It's a massive (literal) improvement over the original mobile Razer Turret, a shocking disappointment that needs no further discussion.

The weight is intended. In combination with the device's extremely "grippy" rubber base, the revolver stays firmly in place when used on the couch. Nothing less than a jumping dog will wrest this thing from your vegetative pose. And the elongated, angled palm rest makes it the most comfortable keyboard I've ever used in the living room. The only challenge is finding a place on my coffee table.

  A closeup of the pull-out mouse pad and mouse by Turret.
The small mouse pad slides out of the right side of the keyboard case. Michael Crider

Included are a mouse and a mouse pad, of which the latter slips out of the right side of the metal case in a very satisfactory way. Due to the rough plastic surface, the relatively small pad area of ​​8.3 x 7 inches is used optimally. This area is made even smaller by the full-size mouse, which takes on the shape and buttons of the Razer Mamba.

  Close-up of the power switch on the revolver keyboard.
Power switch on mouse and keyboard Enable the user to save energy. Michael Crider

Both the keyboard and the mouse have power switches to protect the battery when not in use, and charging ports. Strangely enough, the keyboard is charged via USB-C while the mouse has to get by with MicroUSB. I assume that this is so that Razer did not have to develop a new body shape or circuit board. Both can be charged individually, but the mouse can also be connected directly to the keyboard via a proprietary cable to recharge the battery in an instant. It is a pity that this cable is so short because it makes playing difficult.

Mousepads: How Do They Work?

The keyboard is physically identical to that of Razer, the BlackWidow Tournament Edition Chroma, except for the special Xbox button, which replaces the right-CTRL key. Of course, green "Clicky" switches and RGB lighting are also included. The mouse looks identical to the wireless Mamba. The pull-out mouse pad deserves special attention.

  Close-up of an action figure on the turret mouse pad.
The rough texture of the mouse pad reduces the mouse path to a minimum. Michael Crider

The Mousepad deck is very weakly magnetized, with correspondingly weak magnets in the mouse. In combination, this means that the mouse has to "pull" a bit in use – just enough to cling to the rough texture of the pad, much like two shirts that are glued together by static electricity from the dryer. It's a beautiful design that I think took a lot of testing to find just the right thing.

  Close-up of the page of the revolver keyboard, the pull-out mouse pad and the mouse.
Extra strong magnets in the upper right corner of the sliding pad keep the mouse anchored when moving the device. Michael Crider

But wait, that's not all! In the top right corner of the mouse pad is an area with extra strong magnets – just enough to stick to the mouse a little harder. If the mouse is "docked" at this point, it only falls off the pad when you almost turn it upside down. In combination with a semi-closed position for the sliding mechanism, this is an excellent way to move the bulky revolver from the lap to the coffee table more easily (if you prefer).

Works with Xbox and PC, but not quite the Same

Speaking of desks, yes, keyboard and mouse work perfectly with your regular PC. This is true regardless of whether your computer is under your TV or on a desk. The ergonomics of the desktop are not ideal due to the high keyboard height and the tendency of the mouse to skid on something other than its own pad. However, there is the option, as well as the option to configure the buttons and lighting via Razer Synapse.

  A screenshot showing the mouse controls in the Razer Synapse software.
Razer Synapse software lets PC users customize their input Not available for the Xbox One. Michael Crider

This is strange, since Synapse treats the keyboard and mouse like any other Razer product on the PC and completely adjusts the key layout and macros. However, the corresponding app on the Xbox does not offer either of these. You can adjust the DPI sensitivity of the mouse and select from some pre-burned lighting patterns. If the game does not provide dynamic light in Razer's system (most do not) or does not have the option to re-key (some do not), the default settings will be preserved.

However, this leads to another disappointment one is not Razer's fault: Game selection. At the time of writing, the Xbox One has just a few dozen games supporting keyboard and mouse control. I have tried Fortnite and Sea of ​​Thieves since the former was free and the latter was the only one on my list.

  A closeup of the chroma of the revolver keyboard RGB lighting.
The revolver uses Razer's typical Chroma RGB lighting system. Michael Crider

Can you justify such an expensive add-on for just a few games, even if it's a heavy hitter like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Warframe ? I can not. But if you play one of these programs on a regular basis and are looking for an edge or a familiar PC-style input, you might be able to.

Just a few disadvantages

Aside from the price and lack of customization options for Xbox, the turret design does not have too many disadvantages. The biggest is the little mouse pad, but that's a limitation of form – anything bigger would have been unwieldy.

  The revolver keyboard, the mouse, three charging cables, the socket and the USB wireless receiver.
Supplied with no less than three charging cables, a power outlet and a USB wireless receiver. Michael Crider

The above-mentioned super-short charging cable connecting the mouse to the keyboard is a disappointment, but two other charging cables are long and wonderfully braided. Both the keyboard and the mouse quickly go blank when the lighting effects are fully displayed. However, this is the case with all wireless gaming devices. You can easily play them in cable mode or turn off the lights in the settings apps.

In this spirit, you want to keep these things up to date. As soon as the battery is empty, the mouse becomes picky as far as the pairing is concerned. It may take a minute or two to reconnect to the wireless receiver.

  Close-up of revolver keyboard green mechanical switch.
Razer's Green (clicking) mechanical switches are the only ones available on the tower. Michael Crider

Other nuisances are minimal. I would have preferred a standard button layout to fit replacement keycaps, but the Cult of Razer (I'm not naughty – that's from Razer's parchment letter in the box) would not have it otherwise. I would have liked to use linear switches instead of clicking greens – much better for fast-paced games – but they are the only ones offered.

Is it worth it?

During my tests, I decided that the tower would be needed to answer a question: did playing with mouse and keyboard on the xbox feel the same as on the pc? The answer is yes. In that sense, the tower is a success.

And no easier. The ergonomics of the massive, heavy and round friendly keyboard and the wonderfully satisfying magnetic mouse pad are to be welcomed. The latter is a bit too small for my taste – you need to increase the sensitivity of the 16000 DPI mouse sensor to get the most out of the shooters. However, considering the limitations of a living room setup, it is still very good.

  Close-up, angled view of the wristplate's wrist.
The body of the keyboard contains a strong wrist. Michael Crider

Now we come to the question of value. Compared to a normal combination of wired Razer keyboard and wireless mouse (BlackWidow Tournament Edition and Mamba), the tower costs only about $ 50 more. This is understandable with the added hardware and Xbox-specific features. Unfortunately, Microsoft and its development partners seem to add keyboard games at a snail's pace, and whether this list contains one that matters to you is a breeze.

For the price and the efficiency, I think the turret makes more sense for a living room PC. For a gaming PC connected to your TV (or something like Steam Link), Turret is a fantastic tool, with access to all the lighting and customization options that Razer fans are used to. It's still expensive, but not so much more than a normal Razer set, that it's unreasonable.

  Close-up of the turret mouse pad, the mouse and a game controller with the turret keyboard in the background.
Interested buyers should know that only a handful of games work with the revolver (or any mouse and keyboard). Michael Crider

Can you justify $ 250 for a mouse and keyboard, either for your Xbox One or for your living room PC? I can not answer that question for you, but if you can, you will not disappoint spending on the Razer Turret.

Here's what we like

  • Feels fantastic on the couch
  • Brilliant magnetic mousepad [19659004] Solid metal construction
  • Easy to move despite size

And what we do not

  • Higher Price
  • No macros or custom lighting on Xbox One
  • Mousepad is a bit small

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