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Access and manage your Apple account

You can view, change, and control all the features and settings associated with your Apple ID from iOS, a Mac, or the Internet. Here is how.

Are you using an iPhone, iPad, Mac, iTunes, iCloud, or other Apple product? In that case, you should already have an Apple account with your contact information, security options, payment options, purchases, and more.

You may need to change some data, such as: For example, your address or payment options. You may want to check all this information to find out what Apple has stored about you. Once you've determined what data is being tracked, you may want to delete it from your account or at least download an app for security.

The key to all these tasks is accessing your Apple account. You can view, manage, and modify your account on your iOS device, on iTunes, on a Mac, or on your Apple ID web page. Let's try this.

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