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Add additional HDMI ports to your TV with these switches – Review Geek

If you're constantly plugging and unplugging HDMI cables to your TV, it may be time to buy an HDMI switch.

Most users have a handful of game consoles, digital receivers, and video players their entertainment center. However, most televisions usually have only two or three HDMI ports. A frustrating design choice that can turn a simple game night into a complicated adventure behind the TV. If you could just add more HDMI ports to your TV!

Well, it's clear that TV makers will not suddenly start to replenish televisions to accommodate more connections, so you'll have to handle it yourself. An HDMI switch is the simple and inexpensive way to add more HDMI ports to your TV, and it can actually help you organize all the messy cables that meander in your entertainment center.

There are many, however, you can choose from several HDMI switches, all of which have different functions that inevitably appeal to different people. Some HDMI switches are the size of a DVD player, but are usually remotely controlled and can be organized more easily on the go. Some HDMI switches are small enough to hide behind your TV, but you can search for something to select your video source or rearrange your setup. There is something for everyone here.

Proster 5 × 1
HDMI Switch and Audio Extractor ($ 27)

Not all TVs, projectors, or computer monitors have audio outputs. For most people, this is not a big deal, but if you want to use external speakers in your entertainment setup, consider using an HDMI switch that supports audio extraction.

If you are looking for a semi-automatic remote controlled HDMI switch with audio extraction features, then you should check the Proster HDMI Switch. The five HDMI inputs support 4K and 3D, so you do not have to compromise on quality for simplicity. It also has an auxiliary output and an optical audio output for external speakers. The Proster also has an automatic feature that, when activated, can automatically switch to the source that is outputting the video.

The Proster is also small enough to hang behind your TV, an advantage for anyone who wants to keep his entertainment center looking clean. It needs power from a micro USB cable, but that's to be expected of such a small device.

iArkPower 3 × 1 HDMI Switch with Optical and RCA Outputs ($ 40)

The iArkPower is a nice, high-quality HDMI switch. The three HDMI inputs support 4K and 3D and have a cinch output and an optical audio output for external speakers. This device is also supplied with a remote control and has an automatic function that can be turned on and off.

This is really an HDMI switch that you do not need to hide behind your TV. All ports are located on the back of the device so that it looks good and is easily accessible. This is a great HDMI switch for entertainment centers that does not offer much room to hide or situations where you can plug and unplug different video sources.

GANA 3 × 1 Mechanical HDMI Switch ($ 9) [19659014] If you are looking for an affordable HDMI switch that does not take up much space, consider the Gana HDMI Switch. It has three HDMI inputs that support 4K and 3D, and no external power is required so you can connect it directly to your TV and go to the city.

Frankly, it's amazing that you can find an HDMI switch for just $ 9. It has no automatic functions, no remote control or audio outputs. However, this is still an excellent device for those who need to add some HDMI ports to their TV. In cases where you only need to switch between infrequently used devices (such as older game consoles or DVD players that you rarely turn on), it is worthwhile pressing the Select button.

2-point mechanical bidirectional 2 × 1 switch ($ 8)

People tend to confuse the terms "HDMI switcher" and "HDMI splitter". A switch allows you to connect multiple devices to a TV, while a splitter connects you to a single device to multiple TVs. Both devices are useful, but they are essentially opposite.

That's why the bidirectional DotStone switch is so interesting. It can be used as a two-input HDMI switch, but you can also use it as a two-output HDMI splitter. This is a great device for people who work with a lot of technology because it's as small as a pack of gum and yet extremely versatile. Not to mention that no external power is needed so you can use it almost anywhere.

If you're just trying to add more HDMI inputs to your TV, you should opt for the similarly-priced Gana HDMI switch, which has an HDMI input more than the DotStone. You should also keep in mind that the DotStone has neither a remote control nor audio outputs, so you may have problems with some external speakers from the couch.

Monoprice 8 × 1 HDMI Switch ($ 99.99)

When You Do This If you're looking for the hype of HDMI switches, take a look at the monoprice. It has eight HDMI inputs so you can run your entire home video setup from the device. There are no options for audio output, but if you invest this in your home theater, you probably have a receiver or one that supports audio output. Oh, and the monoprice comes with a remote control so you do not have to switch between inputs.

This is the type of device that you can proudly display in your entertainment center. It's housed in a nice looking metal case and does not stand out for your Blu-Ray players, digital receivers and game consoles. Thankfully, it looks good because there's no way you can hide a switch behind this TV.

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