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Add or remove your phone number in Messages or FaceTime

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If you have an iPhone and a Mac or iPad, you can associate your phone number with your iCloud account to send and receive calls and messages on both devices from the same number.

Add a new or existing number on iOS

You need to make sure your devices are signed in to the same iCloud account so everything can sync correctly.

The process is the same for all iOS devices, but you must do so First, activate your existing number on your iPhone. Open the app settings on your phone.

Tap the "News" category.

Make sure you are logged in and have iMessage enabled. Scroll down and tap Send & Receive.

You may be asked to sign in with your Apple ID to use with iMessage. If so, log in.

  Apple ID for iMessage

If you're signed in, make sure your phone number is under "You can receive and respond to iMessages." They are all good for iMessage.

FaceTime still needs to be set up. Go back to the main Settings window and tap FaceTime Settings.

Make sure you're using your Apple ID for FaceTime and activate your number under "You're available via FaceTime".

Now that your iPhone is sharing its phone number, you can enable the same settings on your iPad or iPod Touch to sync messages between devices.

Add your phone number on macOS

Now that your phone is set up, you can switch to your Mac. Open Messages and you'll be asked to sign in if you've never used them before. Open the message settings by pressing the Command + comma key or selecting Settings from the Messages drop-down menu in the top menu bar.

 Mail Settings

If you have set up your phone correctly, you will see your phone number should appear under "You are reachable for messages below." It is probably activated by default.

 MacOS Preferences

This will send all iMessages to your phone number on your Mac. However, this does not apply to text messages. To do this, you must enable the forwarding of text messages.

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For FaceTime, the process is the same. Open the FaceTime settings and you'll see the same window with a checkbox next to your phone number.

 facetime settings

This connects your phone and your Mac to FaceTime calls If you want to receive mobile calls on your Mac, you need to enable call forwarding.

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Remove Number

To remove a number, uncheck the box beside it in the iMessage Preferences and FaceTime on the device you want to remove. In this way, you will no longer be able to receive calls and texts on this device.

If you want to completely remove it from your iCloud account, you must disable it from your iPhone. If you do not have a phone (for example, if you sold it without first deleting it or it was stolen), you can change your Apple ID password to force the phone to log out. However, in the case of a stolen phone, you can remotely delete it with Find My iPhone at any time to solve the problem.

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