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Add, rearrange, edit, and delete favorites in Apple Maps on iOS 13 «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

On iOS 13, Apple Maps helps you organize important places on your iPhone and save places as favorites that you can access at a glance.

Multiple search buttons appear below the search box, including your home and work addresses, if you have addresses for them on your contact card. These buttons are your favorites. Although "Favorites" is not a new feature in iOS itself, it works as follows.

If you're new to Maps or just want to learn about the latest and redesigned features, we'll add a favorite place, rearrange your favorite places, edit a favorite place, and remove a favorite place.

Adding a favorite place

There are three ways to add a place to your favorites list: from your contact card (for home and business addresses); through the Favorites section on the search card; and on the information card of a particular place.

. 1 From your contact card

If your home and business addresses are to appear in the Favorites section, you need to open your contact card, which can be accessed through multiple apps like Contacts, Phone, and Search under the Home screen. For more information, see our full manual about changing personal and business addresses in Apple Maps.

You can also use the following two options to choose a home or business address that will allow you to instantly access your contact. Map to be updated. You can specify more than one home or work address, and you can view all of them in Favorites unless you explicitly remove them later.

. 2 From Favorites

In Maps on the Search Map, in the Favorites section, tap the "Add" button (the + symbol). Depending on how many favorites you already have, you may need to swipe left to the end to find them. Alternatively, in the section Favorites tap on "Show all" and then on the bottom right on the plus sign (+).

You can search in the map Add to favorites You can search You can search for a place or an address in the search field or select one of the places suggested by Siri in the following list. The Siri suggestions are a mix of visited places, places you've visited in the past, and popular places nearby. In addition to businesses, attractions, and other places, you can also add transit stops (added to your Maps Transit widget in Today view).

Click the plus sign (+) next to a suggestion or search result that you want to save as a favorite.

3. About an Information Card

If you are looking for a location on the map, either through a search, by searching the area, or by adding a pin, you can tap to see the information map. At the bottom of this map, tap "Add to favorites." Note that you can use the Add To button at the top of the map to add the location to one of your collections . Be sure to use the button at the very bottom of the map.

Unlike the previous option, no page is displayed on the Details page. Instead, the location or transit stop will only be sent to your favorites. To edit it, you can do this in the Favorites section.

Rearranging your favorite places

A new one Feature added to the favorites in iOS 13 is the ability to rearrange them. If you've added enough favorites, it's best to rearrange them so you can more easily access the most important ones through the search map.

In the Favorites section on the search card, tap "Show All" and then "Edit." Hold the three-bar symbol next to a position and drag it up or down. The further you drag it up, the more links it will appear in your Favorites section of the search map.

Below is Hank's Pizza, which was moved to the top of the list. is now further to the left and easier to access at a glance. One important thing to keep in mind is that Home and Work can not be rearranged – even if you have more than one. The favorites of Home and Work always stay at the top, ie furthest to the left, unless you delete them.

Edit a favorite place

In the section, tap Favorites on the search card on "Show all" and then on "Edit". Then, in the Favorites list, tap the information icon (i) next to the place you want to edit. On the Details screen, you can change the display of the title to Favorites using the label .

If the address is your home or work address or any other editable place, you can do so by tapping next to "contact card" to edit the address on the contact card.

In some cases, you may be able to adjust the position on the map. For example, if your work address refers to the main building, you would like it to refer to the actual building or the side of the building in which it is actually located. To do so, tap on "refine the position on the map", pull the pin to the desired position and click "Done".

You can also change the Type position pictograph icon that appears in Favorites and on the map. However, you have very limited choices here. You can not do it for private or business addresses, and for anything else, you can switch it from a default type to "private" or "work."

From Details You can also add "Person" to Share ETA . For more information about this feature, see our complete guide.

Finally, you can remove "Favorite", which will be discussed later.

Removing a favorite location

There are several ways to remove a location from your favorites: from the Favorites section or the location info card.

1. In the Favorites section

in the Favorites section on the Search card, tap Show All. Now simply swipe left to remove the favorite immediately or swipe left and press "Remove". You can also tap Edit, then click the red minus sign (-) next to a location and click Done, but that's not so fast.

Alternatively, you can tap the information as explained in the previous section (i) Click the button next to a place in the list, and then tap "Edit" and "Remove Favorite" on the map Details .

No matter what you do, you can remove any of your places, including home and business addresses.

2. Via an information card

If you are looking for a location on the map, either through a search or through the area, you can tap to see the information map. Swipe up on this map to see the full deal, and then scroll down. Then tap "Remove from Favorites" to delete the location from your list of favorites.

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