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Adding Hyperlinks to Your Emails in Spark for Cleaner Messages «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

If you're a long-time Spark user, you know that the only downside to the app was that there were no large text editing tools, such as hyperlinks. If you had to link to a website in an email, it was best to pick up a computer to get the job done. Well, close the laptops and shut down the PCs – Spark has fixed this issue and implemented support for hyperlinks directly into the app.

Unfortunately, Spark is available on iOS and Android devices, but is currently only supported on the iPhone. If you're an Android user working happily with Spark for the first time, stick to it – Spark claims that hyperlinks will be an Android feature as soon as possible. Finally, Spark recently added the feature for iOS, the operating system that the operating system mainly focused on.

Adding a Hyperlink to a Website

Hyperlinking with Spark is incredibly easy. First select the anchor text you want to hyperlink to. Next, tap the text style icon ("T |") on the menu bar above the keyboard, then scroll through the formatting options and select the Link tool (the default chain link icon that everyone uses). Simply enter your URL in the appropriate box and tap Done. Presto ̵

1; Your text is now hypertext and launches your URL when you tap the button.

If you do not mark text, you can still use the hyperlink tool, but it will simply insert a hyperlink URL into your email (for example, " https://gadgethacks.com" will appear instead of gadget hacks). In any case, you can enter an address without the HTTPS protocol, and it still works. In most cases, the "https: //" part will automatically be added to the URL.

When combining other rich-text formatting options with a hyperlink, you can definitely do this. Bold, Italic, Numbered List, Bullet List, Indentation and Background Color work in conjunction with hyperlinks. The text color also works, but it must be changed after adding a hyperlink. Otherwise, the color will revert to the default blue link color. The only thing that is not nice is the underlining, which is mandatory for hyperlinks.

Adding a Hyperlink to an Email Address

It should be noted that the chain link icon for email addresses does not yet work. So you can not add a "mailto:" hyperlink for your e-mail address or the address of a third party. If you try to add a "mailto: name@email.com" address or just name@email.com address, "https: //" will be added before it, which will essentially destroy it.

The only way to add a hyperlink to an e-mail address that opens a new draft in the e-mail app used by the recipient is to use HTML in the signature (so you can do this in the rest of the e-mail). Can not do mail). Fortunately, Spark makes it easy to create a signature.

Open the in-app "Settings" and tap "Signature." Tap Create New Signature (or Add Signature if you already have one) and then manually paste the following HTML on the Text tab. (You can also tap Edit, and then tap an existing signature to replace it with the HTML code below.)

  Link Text 

Replace "name@email.com" with your email address. Mail address and "Link Text" with which text you want to display in the hyperlink. You can tap the HTML tab to see the hyperlink. If everything is correct, you should make everything you type for "Name" highlighted in blue and underlined without any other code. When you're done, tap "Save."

Tip: If you add multiple lines for a signature and want to associate only a portion of it with a hyperlink, it's easier to create a new signature. Then write the tab "HTML" directly, as you would like to look into it. Then open the "Text" tab, and the rest should already be formatted in HTML, and you must add the extra bit to the top of where you want.

When you open a new email draft, your signature will appear with hyperlinks displayed at the bottom of the page. If you have more than one email signature, you may need to swipe through your options before you get to the hyperlinked one.

Another tip: You can also access the signature settings by tapping the signature. •), then either 1: "Edit" and select the one to edit, or 2: Touch "Add Signature" instead.

Removing a hyperlink

Removing a hyperlink is as easy as removing it Add a hyperlink. Highlight your hyperlink text and tap "T |". Option again if the formatting toolbar is not already open. You can either tap the now highlighted chain link icon or Tx button (which removes all formatting) and puff – your hyperlink will disappear. You can leave the text as it is, or you can repeat the process to add a new hyperlink.

To remove e-mail hyperlinks in signatures, you can do the same directly from the signature field in the e-mail. You can also go a long way by editing the HTML code, which essentially follows only the HTML instructions given above.

Although you still have to wait for this feature on Android, we can guess how it will work. The Android version of spark has this "T |" not toolbar, but it does contain a few rich text options in the submenu that appears when highlighting text. It is possible that "Hyperlink" and "Remove Hyperlink" are displayed as options in this menu. However, as this is an Android-based and not a Spark-specific submenu, the text style formatting bar is likely to be integrated, as with iOS. [19659026] Do not Miss: Why Spark is the Best Choice for the Best iPhone Email App

Cover Picture, Screenshots and GIFs by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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