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All social networks should let us take control of the algorithm

Recently, Twitter has introduced a button that allows users to sort tweets in a meaningful way (read: chronologically). Then you can quickly switch to standard sorting by popularity. The thing is, why can not all networks do that?

Victoria Song, who wrote for Gizmodo, today made the case that Instagram should "steal the sparkle button from Twitter," and I could not agree anymore.

While Instagram may not be the parent Facebook's love for algorithmic feeds, it should do just that (and Facebook should too!) ̵

1; soothe the masses and give us a goddamn funk button. Finish trying to force page scrolling feeds and other junk features. Simply lovingly take down the glitter button from Twitter. After all, it helped break down the stories of Snapchat.

At the moment, Instagram is pushing things from the most interacting accounts to the top of your feed. That's cool because you're probably happy with what you're digging up. What about all the cool stuff you miss because it's buried at the bottom of the feed? You can not interact with the stuff because you never see it, which in my mind is a kind of eternal cycle, in which the same crap is constantly seen and new things are missed. Of course, the solution is to offer a quick sort key to switch between the two feed types. That is so much value.

But why stop with Instagram? Facebook should do it. And any other network that decides that I should see what is "popular" instead of looking at things in the order in which they are presented. I mean, you can append "? Sk = h_chr" to the end of the URL in the browser (like here) to display Facebook in chronological order. However, this is only helpful on the Web. A small button to toggle between the two types of feeds in the mobile apps would be where it is.

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To be honest, the main problem now is that Twitter gives users what they want – with Instagram and Facebook. But all networks should do this, even niches. Like Strava! I would like to see if my friends are active in turn. Why are you showing me rides three days ago instead of those of this morning? That's stupid.

However, the point is that Twitter's "Sparkle" button is a great idea, giving users a quick and efficient way to sort content the way they want it to look. It seems to be something that makes a lot of sense on all networks – not just on Twitter.

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