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Always updated list of apps that allow you to change your home screen icons on your iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

App developers have had the tools to provide user-selectable app icons since March 2017 when the feature was introduced as part of iOS 10.3. At the time, only two apps officially supported the feature. One year later, the list is not much bigger, though many of us would like to see a widespread implementation of user-selectable home screen app icons.

The problem seems to be that this feature can be added to an app is a real pain. Not only do developers need to design or accumulate a set of icons to offer their customers, they also need to provide these icons in various sizes and resolutions to fit a variety of devices. Developers are not allowed to change the app's icon themselves because important software updates are not saved.

These issues might explain why most apps that contain alternate icons can not be selected feature behind "professional" accounts that cost money. It's a lot of work to add custom app icons, however desirable. Many developers may not have the time or resources to do this.

Developers may be discouraged from this customization due to history of App Store rejection. Take a look at each forum or reddit post on the topic – developers are more than frustrated with Apple for their apps being rejected for customizable app icons, especially those tucked behind a paywall.

Still, there are apps Through this rigorous process, you've made it possible for your users to choose which icon displays the app on the home screen.

How to Change Your App Icons

While the list of apps that you can use to change their icons is relatively short, there are a couple of different ways that app developers can implement the option:

  1. About the In-app Settings menu
  2. About the iOS Settings app
  3. Via the 3D Touch on the Home screen

In the In-app settings, find the option for most of the applicable apps. If not, check the other two methods. As you can see below, MyLight's option is in the Settings app, while HQs are hidden in the 3D Touch menu on the Home screen.

(1) In-App Settings Menu (Cake), (2) iOS Settings (MyLight), (3) 3D Touch on Home Screen (HQ)

Any iOS App with Free Choice of App Icons

This list is currently very short, but you can help! Let us know if apps with user-selectable icons are missing. We appreciate your help in compiling the full list of relevant apps we can create.

App icon options for Buffer (left), MLB At Bat (center), and NHL (right)

If we hear or see a new app that offers user-selectable app icons, we'll be in the list above Add. Make sure you use this page as a bookmark, and see how you can add a small home screen customization to your iPhone without any jailbreaks or elaborate hacks.

Cover Picture and Screenshots by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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