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Amazon Echo Loop – everything we know about Amazon's crazy new smart ring


The Echo Loop is an Alexa-powered smart ring that emits reminders and can even function as a hands-free device.

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Amazon announced a lot of devices last month, including five new echo smart speakers more Ring Smart Home Security new Alexa Commands and two smart-speaker goggles are named Echo Frames . With the new Echo Loop Smart Ring ($ 130), most people can scratch their heads and ask what they would do with it.

With Echo Loop, Amazon's digital Alexa Assistant is applied to your body in a manner different from the more anticipated earphone route the Amazon with the new Echo Buds has announced (130 USD or 120 GBP). After all, earphones are usually not worn the same day as a ring. By bringing [Alexa] into your hands Amazon makes sure that the digital assistant can answer questions, set reminders and announce reminders and serve your smart home devices throughout the day.

Echo Loop raises a multitude of questions as to who it is, whether you can customize it and even how to buy it – it's not as easy as a trip to the electronics store or adding to your Amazon shopping cart , We already know the following.

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Amazon Echo Frames put Alexa in your face


What is the Echo Loop from Amazon?

The Echo Loop is the first Alexa-enabled Smart Ring. It has an action button that allows you to activate the device with a mouse click, two microphones to listen to your commands, and a near-microscopic speaker for answers. The ring also has a vibrating haptic engine for notifications. There is no ad, but you can monitor notifications and otherwise interact with Alexa via an accompanying smartphone app.

The Echo Loop connects to your phone's Alexa app via Bluetooth and uses your existing data plan. Loop is compatible with both Android phones and iPhones ($ 699 on Amazon) . So you can either go to Google Assistant or Siri by long pressing the action button on the loop.

Who is Echo Loop for?

Good question, and it's not even clear if Amazon still knows the answer – so they publish it together with Amazon Echo ($ 70 at Amazon) frames as part of their first day edition of smart products. According to Amazon, the Day 1 Edition's gadgets are mature products that the company believes in but does not appeal to a broad audience, such as the Echo Smart speakers.

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The new Amazon Echo Loop is available in four sizes: small and medium , big and extra big.

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Amazon emphasized that Day 1 Editions are not beta versions, which is probably true for the products themselves. Although Amazon has probably already tested the hardware and software for bugs and so on, the "beta" at this point is more about figuring out what customers will do with products like the Loop if Amazon has released them into the wild.

A representative from Amazon said, "Day 1 Editions products like Echo Frames and Echo Loop are things that we found gratifying internally, and we want to receive customer feedback so we can innovate further." [19659015] Why did Amazon Echo Loop do it?

Wearables are a potentially huge technology sector, but so far only smartwatches and fitness trackers have really taken hold. Some companies, especially Google and even Amazon itself, have already launched smart eyewear (see Google Glass ), but have barely entered the mainstream.

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Although it's obvious what to look out for, the echo loop ring does not immediately become a smart wearable at least not before you speak with him. [19659003] Amazon

At $ 130, the Echo Loop offers the opportunity to take everywhere Alexa and his extensive collection of skills at a relatively low price. If successful, the new device could help expand Amazon's influence outside of their own homes, something Google has been able to do on phones with Google Assistant, but Amazon has not.

Does Echo Loop always listen to me?

Unlike virtually every other Alexa device on the market, including the new Echo Frames, Echo Loop does not always listen to a watch word. Instead, wake up the device with a short press of Alexa or a long press to call either Google Assistant or Siri, whether you own an Android phone or an iPhone.

However, when you call Alexa, your command will be recorded. They will be sent to Amazon servers, where they will be processed for action and then stored in your account. Commands issued by Google Assistant and Siri are sent to either Google or Apple, where they are processed in the same way.

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Dave Limp, Amazon's senior vice president of equipment and services, highlighted Amazon's commitment to its customers' privacy concerns during the company's inaugural event last Month.

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What we know about Amazon: Keep copies of these records

Just like other Amazon Echo devices, Amazon stores all your interactions with Alexa in Echo Loop, including audio recordings. According to Amazon, "a very small portion of the voice recordings are manually reviewed," which means that people sometimes listen to them for product development purposes.

In times of increasing controversy on consumer protection Amazon has attempted to stay one step ahead of customer concerns by creating a portal for Alexa users that can control how their personal information is collected , stored and used. There you can specify that Amazon does not collect or verify your data at all, or that records be automatically deleted after three or 18 months.

Can I make a call with Echo Loop?

Yes, but your arm will train a little if you constantly switch between holding the Echo Loop in front of your mouth to speak, and switch to hearing your ear. In a finger size device, neither the speaker nor the microphones are very large. Do not expect hands-free conversations on the device. However, you can call any number in your contact list by calling your phone's assistant. Amazon has also added a nice little shortcut that allows you to program one (but only one) shortcut number into your loop, which can be invoked by quickly pressing the Action key twice.

Does he have a camera? What about a display?

Amazon Echo Loop has neither, so you do not have to worry about other people taking photos or videos without your knowledge. Notifications and answers are communicated through the haptic engine of the device with vibration and thanks to the built-in speaker with sounds and speech. Even loop wearers can communicate with the device via the Alexa app on their smartphones.

Is Echo Loop a fitness tracker?

Perhaps surprisingly, no, although a representative from Amazon said, Amazon would be interested to know if fitness tracking is possible. A feature that customers want to see in future updates or releases. While it's impossible to know exactly what Amazon thinks about, fitness tracking hardware, such as an accelerometer or heart rate sensor, would certainly increase the device's manufacturing cost and bulkiness.

Can I wash my hands with it?

According to Amazon, Echo Loop is water resistant and you can wash your hands safely while the loop is running. "Showers and swimming are not recommended."

How do I load it? How long does it take for the battery to be fully charged?

According to Amazon, charging the Echo Loop on the associated magnetic charging stand takes 90 minutes, and a full charge should take a full day considering the actual battery life, depending on the user.

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Amazon's proprietary echo loop charger provides a magnetic connection to the device and is fully charged after approximately 90 minutes.


Are there more colors or sizes?

The Echo Loop is available in only one version – titanium black – and in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra large. These sizes correspond to 9, 10, 11 and 12 ring sizes. Even though you know your ring size, Amazon recommends ordering a free "fit kit" to ensure the right fit after you've been asked to buy the loop. Amazon will keep your place in line while providing you with a set of four dummy rings to try on.

How do I order Echo Loop?

Amazon has not provided details such as shipping dates or holiday availability, but we know you need an invitation that you can request here for Echo Loop. (The company also manages the launch of its Amazon Echo car device for cars and echo frames.)

Once you receive your email invitation, you will receive a code that is valid for 30 days. You must complete your order with Amazon. We also know that the Echo Frames and Echo Loop are sold in limited quantities.

More announcements from Amazon, including a new 8-inch Echo Show Smart Display and a Color Change Echo Glow Night Light for Children and the Smart Wireless Echo Buds Earphones developed in cooperation with Bose. It has also updated the original Amazon Echo Speaker for 2019 a enhanced Echo Dot with an LED Clock and a studio-class speaker named Echo Studio presented. , See the complete list of all new products and services announced by Amazon and all new Alexa features .

Originally published last month.

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