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Amazon Kindle or Kindle Fire: How to Remove Ads and Special Offers

If ads or "special offers" appear on your Kindle screen, it's because you've completed a deal. You have decided to save the purchase price of your Kindle by accepting the "Special Offers" discount. It seemed like a good idea back then, but now you've had enough of the ads.

The good news: you can withdraw from this business. The bad news: it will cost you.

Why does my Kindle have special offers?

You may not have thought much about buying your Kindle, but Amazon offers a lower price for the e-reader when you accept special offers. As Amazon explains, "If your Fire Tablet or Kindle e-reader includes special promotions, you'll receive sponsored screensavers and promotions, including personalized advertising, from Amazon directly to your device."

The With Special Offers button is enabled by default when you buy a Kindle (see bottom left corner of the screen below):

  Kindle Paperwhite with Special Offers Amazon

If you have an Amazon Buy Kindle Paperwhite (for example) with special offers the cost is $ 119.99- $ 20 off the list price.

If you keep with specials (the default for this purchase), Kindle Paperwhite costs $ 119.99.

See What Happens When We Instead Choose Without Special Offers :

  Kindle Paperwhite Without Special Offers Amazon

If you buy an Amazon Kindle Paperwhite with no specials, its cost $ 139.99 – a premium that can pay off if you do not want to show ads.

As soon as we have selected Without Special Offers the price of the Kindle Paperwhite will increase by $ 20 to $ 139.99.

How do I remove ads and special offers from my Kindle?

Melissa Riofrio / IDG
  Amazon Kindle Specials Melissa Riofrio / IDG

If your Amazon Kindle e-reader has special offers, you'll see similar ads on your homescreen or lock screen or as a screensaver when your Kindle is in sleep mode.

It's easy to remove ads and special offers from your Kindle, but Amazon will not let you go in vain. Yes, you have to pay to get rid of the ads – or "opt out of special offers," as Amazon puts it.

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