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Amazon Prime Day 2018: Everything You Need to Know


Last year's Prime Day took place on July 11th. This year's date is still TBD.


Amazon Prime Day is not necessarily a national holiday, but it comes every year. And it is generally celebrated. And there are gifts, somehow. Hmmm.

If you have not lived on the planet for the last three years, let's take a look at Amazon's "Holiday of Savings" and what you can expect this time.

What is Prime Day?

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5, Amazon celebrated its 20th anniversary with a full day of discounts – not just for Amazon products, but for tens of thousands of other products as well. It was moderately successful – OK, it was very popular – despite some hiccups.

In the following years, Amazon has been working to make more products and more inventory available (so that items would not sell out within minutes) and to simplify the search for sales items.

Who can shop on Prime Day?

True to its name, Prime Day is only for Amazon Prime subscribers. If you are not a paying member you can not use the offers.

As you may have heard, the company recently increased its annual prime rate to $ 119 . That's the price for newbies now; Existing customers will pay the higher price from 16 June. Ah, but will Prime Day get a Prime subscription? Continue reading.

When is Prime Day?

In recent years, Prime Day has fallen sometime in mid-July. Last year, for example, it was 11 July – although it started in 2017 the day before and lasted a total of 30 hours. (It's about the same as Black Friday starts on Thursday.) "Prime Day Plus, anybody?

Although Amazon has not yet officially announced this year's date, a leaked prime-day ad announces a midday hour on Monday, July 16, and runs through Tuesday through July 17 , [19659015] Now Playing:
Watch this:

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What kind of business can I expect?

There's hardly any question that Prime Day will make bargains on many, if not most, of Amazon's branded products: Fire TV ($ 70 on Amazon.com) Gadgets, Fire Tablets, Kindle E-reader and of course every echo.

In addition, you should look for a Black Friday-like listing in just about every category. There will undoubtedly be a few standouts – in 2017, Amazon offered sweet deals on a Motorola Moto G5 Plus ($ 230 on Amazon.com) phone and a 55-inch 4K TV with built-in Fire TV, For example – but do not get carried away too much: Many of the discounts are no better than the average Amazon Gold Box Daily Deals.

Speaking of …

How do I know if a deal is really a deal?

Every day on the Internet is Black Friday – and Cyber ​​Monday and Prime Day. This means that you should approach any business with a bit of skepticism – or at least a little research.

A great place to start: CamelCamelCamel, the site that tracks Amazon pricing. (You can also be notified when Amazon products are offered for sale so you can track Amazon Echo offerings.)

Before you press the trigger on a Prime Day deal, copy and paste the URL in the search box of CamelCamelCamel a Check the results. You may find that the product has actually been rated lower in the past and may therefore be available again.

At the same time, you should use a browser plug-in like Honey, which informs you immediately if third-party vendors offer the same product at a lower price (which is not often, but worth checking).

Finally, check the other sites. Best Buy, Walmart and other big stores can post their own replies to Prime Day as they offer loss-leader pricing for popular products.

How can I shop on Prime Day if I'm not a Prime subscriber?

As mentioned earlier, you can not – but you might be able to play the system a bit. If you've never subscribed before, you can purchase a free Amazon Prime Trial for a month. Sign up sometime in early July and you can buy Prime Day during the trial period.

It's even better if you're a student: Amazon has partnered with Sprint to offer students a free six-month trial.

Finally, look for a prime subscription in the one or two weeks leading up to Prime Day. Although it is questionable whether Amazon would offer such a deal soon after the introduction of a price increase, the existence of Prime Day is to attract new subscribers. Something like an $ 89 installment for new subscribers would not be unthinkable.

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Originally Posted on May 22
Update, June 21 : Additional mention of the leaked Prime-Day ad.

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