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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Find the Best Deals on Smart Home Devices like the Amazon Echo


Prime Day is the perfect opportunity to launch your smart home.

Ian Knighton / CNET

The Amazon Prime Day is now official. The online retail giant's massive sales event begins on Monday, July 1

5, and lasts 48 hours and confirms earlier leaks . Prime Day should be a great opportunity to launch your smart home or expand it with deals on a variety of connected devices. Fortunately, some of the bids have already begun, though they may have been disguised at a later date as Father's Day or Graduation Gift . You can currently find discounts on the Amazon Echo in full size as well as on other Amazon Gadgets . Check out our preferred Smart Home discounts below.

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What the one-day shipping on Amazon means to you


If we learn more, we will update this page. So stay tuned if you want to save a specific smart home gadget. If last year's Prime Day is an indication then Amazon will likely achieve sales for most of its smart speakers and a host of compatible smart home products.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Once the sell date is confirmed, we'll be collecting the best smart home deals for Prime Day.
  • We keep track of prices and availability and take note of them when certain items are sold out.
  • Amazon does not officially sell any of the Google Assistant Family but we'll look for discounts on other merchants.

Please note that CNET may receive part of the proceeds from the sale of the products featured on this page.

Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Generation) for $ 25 – Save $ 25

Ben Fox Ruby / CNET

The Echo Dot has long been one of our most popular smart speakers, and the version of the 3rd generation looks less industrial sounds better than before. It's a great buy for a normal price of $ 50, provided you get all the intelligent features of Amazon's assistant Alexa for a reasonable price and plug it into your own sound system. At $ 25, this is an absolute bargain and the lowest price we have seen for some time. This is a good time to jump.

$ 100 MyQ Smart Garage Door and Amazon Cloud Cam Package – Save $ 88

Open your garage door with an app and keep an eye on your home from afar with this package. Both the MyQ Garage and the Amazon Cloud Cam are good products in their own right and the bundle makes sense if Amazon is to deliver packages in your garage. The combined price of $ 100 is a lot to simplify and secure your access.

Amazon Echo (2nd Generation) for $ 70 – Save $ 30

Ian Knighton / CNET

If Alexa should answer your questions and control your smart home, and you have a smart speaker with something more oomph In the actual speaker, the Amazon Echo could be the right choice for you. The $ 70 price is good, but this could fall on Prime Day itself.

Video Bell 2 plus Echo Dot (3rd Generation) for $ 199 – Save $ 50.

Chris Monroe / CNET

If you want to add a smart touch to your veranda, you can purchase the latest video ringtone now and Amazon will insert a current Echo Dot for free. With the bell, you can see who is there and talk to them remotely. You can also set up motion alerts for added security.

Amazon Cloud Cam for $ 90 – Save $ 30

Chris Monroe / CNET

Yes, many of Amazon's early smart home offerings relate to their own products. Fortunately, like the Smart Speakers, the Amazon Cloud Cam is really good, making a $ 30 discount to $ 120 attractive. The cloud camera is not only affordable, but also reliable and easy to use.

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Amazon Prime Day 2019: Everything You Need to Know


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