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Amazon Prime Day 2019: How To Find The Best Deals On Kitchen Gadgets

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Wondering what to expect and how to get the best kitchen items on Amazon Prime Day ?

It is almost time again. Black Friday in July, also known as Amazon Prime Day, when the almighty online retailer lowers prices for kitchen appliances, gadgets, cookware, appliances and more. Prime Day kitchen deals are completed as soon as possible. So we're here to help you sort out the many (expected) bargains, get the most out of your Prime Day purchases, and make all sorts of savings. Everything from highly reduced instant pots to crazy cheap cast-iron cookware, high-octane Vitamix mixers, chef's knives, air fryers and more. You will want to be in your game.

When is Amazon Prime Day?

It is official. The Amazon Prime Day 201

9 begins on Monday, July 15, at 12:00 CET / 03:00 CET and lasts 48 hours until July 17 at 12:00 CET. This makes it the longest Amazon Prime Day ever with only 36 hours in recent years and we do not include pre-prime day deals, of which there should be plenty.

Navigating Prime Day Kitchen Supplies

Think of us as your Amazon Prime Day Kitchen Supply Command Center. We're updating this story with the latest, greatest, and Gonzo kitchens that arrive and depart just as quickly, and let you know when they're sold out or when a sale has been completed or renewed.

Some sales last only 24 hours or are sold out, others 36 or even 48 hours. Keep in mind that a whole range of Prime Day offers are reserved for Prime members only, but not all. We will therefore keep an eye on both offers. However, if you want to have guaranteed access to as many offers as possible, sign up today.

Listed below are some of our most popular kitchen deals from last year, so you have a plan in mind and are ready to go!

What You Can Expect at Prime Day Kitchen Deals

We're hoping for the return of some of our favorite deals from last year with some of the best of the list below, and you can get mental to prepare for the real deal day. Among the best savings were products with large entrance tickets such as the mixer Vitamix 5200 and high-quality cookware such as the 15-piece kitchen set Calphalon.

Still popular instant pots, sous vide pots and air fryers are almost always included in the price. So once you're on the market, Prime Day may be the time to buy. Look for the biggest discounts for Amazon's own products and for their own products like AmazonBasics.

Sales Now on Amazon

Sales on Prime Day 2018

These were the deals we saw last year – and the brands and product types are an indication of what we might see this year as well.

You are looking for more offers? Take a look at the full list of categories we're following.

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