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Amazon's Christmas Trees Now Available: What You Should Know Before You Buy

This year you can order your Christmas decorations, gifts, baked goods and Christmas tree from Amazon.

Yes, you read that correctly. Amazon sells real, freshly cut 6- to 7-foot Christmas trees to continue to be our one-stop-shop for everything we could ever need.

That surprised me – is not it a good idea to order a Christmas tree on a website, a good idea? Is it worth it? Does it suck the holiday mood from the experience?

CNET delivered its first Amazon Christmas tree to the CNET Smart Home in San Francisco to find out.


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We ordered an Amazon Christmas Tree!


What happens when it arrives?

We delivered a long, heavy box from FedEx. Our deliverer offered to bring the box upstairs and also required a signature for delivery. Expect that you need to be home for your Christmas tree.

We could smell the tree before we opened the box.

What quality does the tree have?

Frankly, the tree is beautiful. We got a very fresh frying pan that was still wet in many places when we took it out of the box.

As with all trees, there are some shaky branches and gaps, but overall, we were pleasantly surprised at how beautiful it looked, especially after spending at least two days in a box.

How do I set up the tree?

It's a messy process to get the tree out of the box and ready to set up, so do it outside at all costs.

First you have to open the box and pull out the tree. You will probably have some dead pine needles, which is normal.

Next, cut about an inch from the end of the tree so it can absorb water when you place it in a stand. The cut that was made when your tree was felled closed a bit before it reached you. We used a handsaw, but a chainsaw (like treeless trees) would have been faster.

Finally, cut the string that holds the branches together. Shake the tree to loosen dead needles or broken branches and gently loosen the branches so that they can collapse.

Then you can put it in and place it in a tree stand (not included with the tree).


You will need to cut about 1 inch from the bottom to allow the tree to absorb water and stay fresh.

Angela Lang / CNET

What's in the box?

In the box is the tree, a sheet with care instructions, a removal bag and a tree preservative.

OK, how much does an Amazon Christmas tree cost?

All trees are sold under the Hallmark Flowers brand. Everyone is between 6 to 7 feet tall. There are four variants to choose from:

Where did the trees come from?

Trees come from farms in North Carolina and Michigan. Our came from North Carolina.

How much is shipping?

All Amazon.com customers (both Prime Members and non-Prime members) receive free shipping on original size Christmas trees.

When will I get my tree?

The shipping of the trees will begin on November 19, 2018. Once you have placed your order, Amazon says it will take one to two business days to process the order, and then two to five days for shipping, depending on your order Location. Unfortunately, you can not ship a tree to Hawaii or Puerto Rico. [19489035] p1066676 "data-original =" https://cnet3.cbsistatic.com/img/ehkBOTebB5IxvcAE0cl1F7HDadU=/724×0/2018/11/16/4bf08c0a-d1f8-4097-8ed8-6c717d84a04a05 “/>

Our fully decorated Amazon Christmas tree.

John Kim / CNET

Why do that?

I do not buy a Christmas tree every year, but when I did that, I enjoyed going to a tree house and picking the perfect tree. What I did not enjoy is tie it to the roof of my car and drive home, hoping it will not move.

Buying a Christmas tree from Amazon is not for everyone, and that's fine. Amazon does not have a target customer for these trees, but for me it's the dwellers, people without cars and families who want to avoid the hassle of going to the tree property.

That is, you do not avoid all the trouble by ordering the tree online. You are responsible for cutting off the end of the tree. This is not easy if you do not have power tools.

The ordering of a Christmas tree at Amazon will not replace the trees in the foreseeable future. At the moment, humans have a new and most convenient way to bring a tree home.

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