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And the 2018 smartphone of the year is … – Review Geek

Smartphones come and go every year. Some stand out in the crowd while others fall by the wayside. Regardless, every year a phone is usually above the rest. This year is no different.

Choosing an objective "best" smartphone of the year is not always easy, especially given the current status of smartphones. It's not about important metrics such as performance or battery life ̵

1; most phones are really good now. Really good . And in this regard, it's hard to make a mistake with one of the flagship phones.

However, if you spend enough time on different phones, like here at Review Geek, then you begin to understand that refinements and enhancements are a premium experience. The amount of smartphone you receive for the money plays an important role in which the device can be described as the best of the year . It's a tough race, but the decision for this year was surprisingly easy.

Our choice for the smartphone of the year is …

The iPhone XR

When it comes down to it, choosing ours for the Smartphone of the Year was pretty easy. The XR is an incredibly high-end device that offers the latest in fit and finish Apple has to offer. As we said in our review, 75 percent of the XS experience accounts for 75 percent of the cost. Not only is it one of the best smartphones of the year, it offers unprecedented value when it comes to the new iPhone.

The last piece is a key point because it's still not what we would call "cheap" call, it's the cheapest new iPhone on the market, yet offers a remarkably similar experience to the more expensive models the company. While many people consider the XS and XS Max Apple's "flagship" of smartphones, this is not quite true – the XR is the flagship of this family. The XS and Max are the luxury models of 19459005. Simply put, this is the smartphone for everyone.

While our review describes the reasons why we think so in detail, here's a quick look at why we love the XR:

  • The Battery Life is crazy. It's like another world.
  • The fit and finish of this phone are impeccable. It feels ultra-premium.
  • Gesture navigation is unmatched. It's the best user interface navigation on the market.
  • The cost of features is better than any iPhone before.

And that's about all that goes with it.

Runner-up: OnePlus 6T

We understand it, not everyone is on iOS! That's why it's only fair to choose an Android phone. While the OnePlus 6T is not our "smartphone of the year," it's the best choice for Android phones of the year. The value this phone offers is unprecedented compared to other manufacturers. It offers similar specifications for a fraction of the price.

The entry-level 6T costs $ 550, which is $ 200 less than the lowest-priced iPhone XR. It is also much cheaper than other Android flagships like Google Pixel or Samsung Galaxy S9. But do not be fooled by the $ 550 price – that's a lot of phone for the money.

The 6T offers the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 as most other Android flagships, but also pairs up to 8GB of RAM (or 10GB if you choose the McLaren version of the phone), a 6, 41-inch AMOLED display and up to 256 GB of memory. While the $ 550 model comes with just 6GB of RAM and 128GB of storage, you can get more than 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage for just $ 30. that is clearly the better value. Apart from these specifications, the 6T has incredible battery life – probably the best outside the pixel line.

Of course there are some flaws at this price. The camera might need a lot of work – it's not terrible at all, but compared to other flagship phones, it just lacks. Sometimes pictures are washed out, other times they are overly saturated. The portrait mode with the front camera is not as good as the competition (although this is more of a software problem). Power in low light is not so good. Again, it is a very useful camera, and this is only a small selection at this time, but it is still worth mentioning. While you can find better cameras on other smartphones, there is no better one at this price .

Otherwise, there is a lack of water-resistance and certain flagship features, such as wireless charging, are lacking. These are both features that we like can see in flagships, but they are not mandatory – especially if you take the price into account.

Despite these minor issues, the OnePlus 6T was an easy choice for "runner-up" or best Android phone of the year. If you need to spend less than $ 600 on a phone, you should buy:

Credit: ATK Work / Shutterstock.com

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