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Android 10 gesture control grayed out? Here is the update «Android :: Gadget Hacks

You have just updated to Android 10 to learn about all of Google's new features. There is only one hiccup – this gesture control that everyone talks about? You are not working. In fact, the option is completely grayed out, which taunts you from the beginning. What's going on here and how can you restore the functionality of an important Android Q feature?

For some users, the new "Gesture Navigation" setting under "Settings" -> "System" -> "Gestures" -> "System Navigation" is greyed out. You'll find that Android 8.0's 3-button navigation and Android 9.0's 2-button navigation are fully functional. It's the new, completely gestural navigation system from Android 1

0 that does not work.

But why is that? Well, it has to do with third-party launcher. If you have a custom home screen app, such as Nova or Action Launcher, Android 10's gestures will be dimmed. This is because the UI for the new gesture system uses elements from the default Home screen app. Imagine the dock containing five pinned apps at the bottom of the home screen. This now appears in your multitasking interface, so a launcher must be included in the gesture to function properly.

The problem is that Google does not want to give any old third-party launcher or other additional permissions to third-party app for that matter. This integration has caused third-party launcher errors since the first beta release of Android 10. As of Beta 5 and 6, Google decided to simply disable the gestures if you have a custom launcher installed. They said that they will fix this problem in the coming months, but until then there is a simple solution.

The Gesture Navigation setting is not available if you have a custom launcher installed.

Option 1: Uninstall the custom launcher. Just look for the launcher in the Play Store and tap Uninstall. If this launcher was the only one installed on your device, it will automatically revert to the default launcher, and the option to enable gesture navigation will no longer be greyed out in Settings -> System -> Gestures -> System Navigation.

If you have more than one third-party launcher installed, do not worry – the system only prompts you to select a default Home Screen App the next time you start it. Just select the default home screen app on your device, and gesture control is up to you.

Option 2: Return to the Stock Launcher settings

If you want to keep your launcher installed while you're waiting on Google to fix this, you'll need to do the following. Open Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Default Apps -> Home App. Here you can simply select the default launcher (for example, Pixel Launcher on Pixel devices) to restore gesture control on your device.

Once you've returned to the default Home screen app, you can enable "Gesture Navigation" under "Settings" -> "System" -> "Gestures" -> "System Navigation" the option no longer dimmed. [19659017] Do not miss: Change the icon shapes of the home screen on your Pixel in Android 10

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