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Android phones cannot keep up with these 7 iPhone features


The iPhone has a leg on Android.

Angela Lang / CNET

Android phones can do a lot of great things, like these seven functions Android phones could only dream of . Features like the ability to organize the home screen to your liking, the benefits of a superior Google Assistant and better multitasking.

However, there are some functions and tasks that iPhones can do better or that Android phones are simply lacking. iMessage, FaceTime and regular operating system updates for almost every iPhone are some of the best examples.

Here are my favorite iPhone features that Android users don't.

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Why Apple launched the iPhone 9, also known as SE 2 , needed


iMessage gives you the feeling of a blue bubble

Perhaps the biggest feature that Android users don't and probably won't have is Apple's proprietary messaging platform iMessage. It can be seamlessly synchronized across all Apple devices, is fully encrypted and has numerous playful functions such as Memoji.

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iMessage is very popular on iOS 13.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

If you send a message to another iPhone and see that the speech bubble turns blue you know that the person on the other end of the conversation is also using an iPhone. This makes you part of a club, but it also has certain advantages, such as chatting over Wi-Fi and the ability to share high-definition videos and photos with the person on the other end of the line.

iMessage too With Apple Pay you can request or send money and, for example, add particularly colorful animations to the message. This makes conversation more robust than using standard SMS on iPhone. You will find that you are in typical SMS mode when the chat balloons are green.

Google recently launched its own version of iMessage as part of its messaging app. So-called rich communication services are used, which allow you to send photos and videos in higher quality and display the receipts you have read and even tip indicators so that you know when the other person answers. While Google's RCS significantly improves chatting on an Android phone, it isn't currently as widespread as iMessage and doesn't offer all of Apple's features.

The AirPods experience is unmatched.

Angela Lang / CNET

Setting up and using wireless headphones and earphones is a breeze.

Pairing the AirPods wireless ($ 129 at Amazon) with your iPhone is a seamless experience that takes Apple's best of the system ahead. One of the most impressive advantages is that you can use the same AirPods with your Mac or Apple Watch ($ 399 for Apple) without having to pair them again.

Samsung's Galaxy Buds ($ 109 at Amazon) try to recreate this magical experience and come close to each other, but lack range and usability for multiple devices. Google's Pixel Buds 2 are the best hope for Android users to restore this magic. However, you will have to wait a little longer before you start shipping.

The AirPods offer many features and tricks you may want to learn, such as sharing audio and asking Siri to read your incoming messages . The AirPods Pro do even more .

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iOS 13 is a pretty big update for your iPhone.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

Every eligible iPhone receives software updates at the same time.

Software updates have always been a flaw in the entire Android platform. Unless you own one of Google's Pixel phones, you never know exactly when you will receive a security update or major feature version, because that time depends on each phone brand. Some are more consistent than others.

On the other hand, if Apple releases a software update for the iPhone, every single user can immediately access this update while their iPhone is still supported. Here is a current list of supported devices based on the iPhone SE ($ 180 at Amazon) . When iOS 13 arrived in September, iPhone owners were able to update immediately. When iOS 13.1 came out a few days later, everyone was able to update again at once.

This type of consistency and security is not available for all Android phones.

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Video calls on iPhone are as easy as making a call.

FaceTime is a feature that Android has never been able to achieve, despite Google's efforts with the Duo app. FaceTime works so well because it is encrypted and ready to use when you set up your new iPhone.

Like iMessage, FaceTime is synonymous with video calling for many people. It's the only app they want to use, and they don't have to sign in to a third-party app or search for contacts to set them up and make a call. It is simply automatically linked to your contacts, your camera and your dialer to do all the work. It is this ease that makes FaceTime one of the reasons why family groups are still rooted in the iPhone.

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<h2>  Seamless backup and restore </h2>
<p>  I've set up hundreds of Android phones, and the process has never been easier than setting up a new iPhone. With the iPhone, I log into my iCloud account, tap on Restore and then wait about 20 minutes. This is not the case with an Android phone. </p><div><script async src=

Google's backup and restore service does a good job, but there are often apps that require me to reinstall or sign in, make settings, and disappoint if the phones often fail to accurately restore my home screen layout. I had it. The "restore" function is supposed to save time, but I still spend part of it optimizing the Android devices set up in this way.

Meanwhile, my iPhone backs up to iCloud every night (as long as it's connected to Wi-Fi and charging) and restores the installed apps, accounts, home screen, and settings without any errors.

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Jason Cipriani / CNET

Shortcut + Siri = Time Saving

Apple's shortcut is pre-installed on the iPhone and allows owners to create and share automations for common tasks z for an item or convert a video to a GIF with a few taps.

I use shortcuts every day. Lately I've been giving Siri voice commands to combine current screenshots into one image, for example, or even using the Stats app and instructing Siri to "warm up my car".

Siri had a bad reputation for being inferior to Google Assistant and Alexa for years – and rightly so. Apple's personal assistant has stood behind the competition for far too long. However, I use Siri every day for general tasks like playing music, trivia, and weather forecasts – all the same thing I use Alexa for – and Siri's results and skills match those of the Amazon Assistant.

The addition of shortcuts support to Siri's repertoire only increased it. Indeed, Google Assistant has routines and the ability to automate certain aspects. However, the flexibility and automation of shortcuts on the device make Google Assistant an indispensable tool.

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You do not have to delete pre-installed apps from the iPhone. Ever.

Jason Cipriani / CNET

What bloatware?

Bloatware, Crapware. However you want to call it, it doesn't exist on an iPhone. Apple does not allow operators to install apps before you get the phone, unlike Android devices that are loaded with operator-specific apps from the first turn on.

Yes, you can delete or hide these apps on your Android phone in just a few minutes, but users shouldn't have to worry about them. Who really needs the AT&T Locker app? Or random games you attracted because the developer made a deal with your carrier? I do not know. Not to forget, researchers have found that pre-installed apps are prone to bugs and security problems . In my opinion, the owner of a phone should have control over what is installed and what is not.

If you're looking for more features that make the iPhone better than Android, look no further than this long list of features that Apple added in iOS 13 and you're still not convinced are, Here is a healthy list of hidden traits .

Originally published earlier this week.

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