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Apple books in iOS 12 finally gives a "want to read" wishlist for e-books & audiobooks – this is how it works «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

A new name is not the only thing iBooks got in the iOS 12 update for iPhones. In addition to simplifying the name for Books, Apple added a wishlist to its reading app so you could keep track of all the ebooks and audiobooks you read in the bookstore.

Oddly enough, in fact, Apple removed the wish list on the App Store in iOS 11, which means you can track apps and games you want to buy with notes, reminders, and other apps. So it's quite surprising that Apple has added a wish list for the bookstore. Could that mean it's coming back to the App Store?

Even though there will be no wish list on the App Store in the near future that is found in iOS 1

2's books for iPhone, it says "Want to read" and it can be used for items you want to download from the bookstore , or for items you already have in your own "Library" tab. Here's how it works:

Add books from the store to "Read"

When you tap an eBook on the Books tab, an audiobook or any of the formats in the "Audiobooks" tab "Read Now" or via "Search" you will see a new "Want to read" button with a plus sign that appears below the description of the book below.

Just tap on "Want to read" and the article will automatically be added to your list for later. You will know that it was successful by displaying the command prompt, then by checking the box "Want to read"

Even if you have an e – Book or audiobook from the shop, regardless of whether you paid for it or it was free, the item will automatically be added to your "Want to read" list (whether you like it or not). There is no setting to disable this.

Adding books from your library to "reading"

If you have books in your own library that you should not forget to read, you can add them to your "Will you read" collection as well. On the Read Now tab or Library tab, tap the ellipsis (•••) after the book you want to add. Then select "Add to Read" in the popup.

Alternatively, on the Library tab, tap Edit on the top right, and then tap each book you want to add them all at the same time. Once they are all selected, choose "Add to …" at the bottom, then "Do you want to read" from the list of options.

Viewing your "Do you want to read" list

To list your "Do you want to read" list, you can go to the "Read Now" tab. Scroll down and you'll see the section right there. Tap Show All to see the full list.

Removing books from your "desire to read" list

Similar to most things in the art, removing something is pretty much the opposite of adding it. When you're on the store page of the book, just tap the "Want to read" check box to remove it from the list. If you see the ellipsis (•••) next to it in a book in your library, tap it and select "Remove from book". However, you can not remove books in bulk from "Edit" options.

If If you delete a book from the Books app, it will later be of your "Would you like to read it" collection as well, so keep that in mind. However, if you have read and marked a book in your list, it will not automatically be removed from "Want to read". You have to do that manually.

What Else Is New in Apple Books?

Apart from the name change and the "Will you read" collection, Apple Books has been redesigned with an improved look. Instead of the My Books, Featured, Top Charts, Search, and Purchased tabs on iBooks, Apple Books has Read Now, Library, Bookstore, Audiobooks, and Search . "

In addition, books will separate the old kiosk-style kiosk for the books in your library. There are new recommendations for "Complete the series" and "Like you" based on books you recently read, and other options appear in Books Preferences. All in all, it's a much needed change to an app that got too old.

Cover photo and screenshots of Justin Meyers / Gadget Hacks

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