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Apple iPhone Upgrade Program: That's how it works

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1; it's a good time to review Apple's iPhone upgrade program.

Two-year contracts and subsidized, but still significant, pre-paid costs for a new phone are a thing of the past. Now Carrier and Apple customers can fund their phones monthly for a specific rate. With the Apple Upgrade Program, you can upgrade to a new iPhone every year. Let us check.

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Watch this:

Apple introduces the iPhone XS


How does the iPhone upgrade program work?

You buy an iPhone from Apple – in an Apple Store, in the Apple Store, or in the Apple Store App – and you agree to pay for it over 24 months. But after half of these payments you are entitled to a free upgrade. After 12 months, you can exchange your current mobile phone for a new model. The clock starts again in the 24 months of payments and eligible for upgrade after 12 made of them.

iPhone X owners must make a payment for an upgrade as it was released in October of last year and you have cut a monthly payment if you want to pick up one of the new models when they ship later this month.

Why buy Apple instead of a shipping company?

Apple sweetened the deal by dropping AppleCare +, its insurance, and its extended warranty program, which would otherwise cost $ 149 or $ 7.99 a month. You could pay a few dollars more per month for the Apple upgrade program than for a similar installment plan from a carrier, but you'll miss AppleCare +.

AppleCare + doubles the standard warranty from one year to two years, but that's less important if you want to trade the phone after the first year. The true value of AppleCare + is accident protection. You get two accident claims that will replace your phone (each carries a fee of $ 99, but that's cheaper than buying a new phone). You will also be able to replace one or two damaged screens for $ 29 per incident. Telephone support will also be extended by two years with AppleCare +.

How much is it?

Prices range from $ 37.41 per month for the 64GB iPhone XR up to $ 68.66 per month for the 512GB iPhone XS Max ,

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Screenshot by Matt Elliott / CNET

How do I pay?

To sign up, you need a credit card, at least in the US. In the US, Apple uses the Citizens Bank for installment credit and requires a valid US-issued credit card.

Is there an age limit?

Yes. Excuse me, kids, you have to be 18 years old to apply. (If you see the prices for these new iPhones, I hope you start being nicer to your parents.)

How do I exchange my current phone?

You can bring it to an Apple Store and trade it, but you can also save it and buy it from the Apple Store or the Apple Store App. When you order an iPhone online from Apple, it comes with a trade-in kit so you can pack your suddenly outdated phone and send it back to Apple. You must return it to Apple within 14 days.

What if my current iPhone is broken?

According to Apple, your current iPhone must be in "good physical and operational condition." That is, it should:

  • Be able to stop and hold a load
  • Have an intact and working display

I have not made any 12 payments on my current phone – can I still upgrade?

Yes, but it costs you. If you have made at least six monthly payments for your current mobile phone, you can pay the difference between your current balance and the total amount for 12 payments to rewind the clock and get a new iPhone.

Do I have to upgrade?

No, not all! You do not have to upgrade. If you are satisfied with your current phone, you can continue to use it and continue to pay. After 24 months you have paid for it and can continue using it without the monthly payment, or you can flip it over and sell it to finance the cost of a new phone when you're ready.

Originally released on September 12, 2017.
Update, September 13, 2018: Added information on new 2018 iPhone models.

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