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Apple is expected to release iOS 12.2 Public Beta 5 today, with minor changes to the user interface «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

Public beta testers expect a treat today. While Apple is highly fragmented with developer and public beta publishing schedules, the company today appears to release both versions of iOS 12.2 Beta 5 today, March 11. If you're a public tester, you'll meet everyone The new features in iOS 12.2 are important to you, rather than reading up to 24 hours in advance.

Beta 5 seems to be a simple, incremental update for Beta 4 at this point. In fact, Apple maintained The release notes for Beta 5 are the same as for Beta 4 and Beta 3. Remarkable changes are just small changes to the user interface. "S" and "R" in iPhone X S X S Max and X R are written when on the page "About" the uppercase letters are displayed, the "News" icon in the settings has a thin border, and this icon will appear in multiple places in the News app (for example, on the Today tab.)

This Update may contain minor fixes under the hood for issues in Beta 4 and possibly security vulnerabilities. However, in terms of changes and features that you would notice, Beta 5 seems to be empty-handed.

You can read the official release notes for Beta 5 ̵

1; as well as Beta 3 and 4:

App Store – Promote your subscriptions with new offers

StoreKit now also supports subscription offerings in addition to introductory offers, allowing apps With automatically renewable subscriptions, you will be able to provide customers with an already discounted price for existing and previously subscribed deals. You can use subscription offers to win back subscribers who have canceled their subscriptions, or to request an upgrade to another subscription at a discounted price. Customers can also accept the offer if they have already created an introductory offer.

StoreKit introduces a new array of SKProductDiscount objects within the SKProduct class to show eligible customers offers in your app. Add a new SKPaymentDiscount within the SKPayment class so that these offers can be accepted by the customer.

Apple Pay Known Issues

  • You may not be able to authenticate within Wallet after selecting a card. (44919900) Workaround: Double-click the Home button on an iPhone with Touch ID if your iPhone is locked. Then select the desired card in the wallet and authenticate yourself before you hold your iPhone near the reader. On the iPhone X, iPhone X S iPhone X S Max and iPhone X R Double-click the page Click on the button, select the desired card in Wallet and authenticate yourself with Face ID before holding your iPhone near the reader.

Mobile phone issues resolved

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the purchase of prepaid data plans while using mobile data. (47272516)

HealthKit New Features

  • High and low heart rate notifications and irregular heart rhythm notifications are now available as read-only category pattern types. (46422154)

iCloud Photos – Resolved Issues

  • Photos shared with Share Suggestions now load correctly. (47401696)

Lock screen – fixed issues

  • The device is no longer on the lock screen after the device is removed from a charger. (47363913)

News – New Features

  • Apple News will be available in Canada with iOS 12.2 and is now available to Canadian users in the Developer Beta. Apple News in Canada supports both English and French. Readers can access a bilingual experience by following a channel in a second language. Note: Publications in the beta do not reflect all the content that will be available. Top stories and digests are not updated as frequently as in the shipping product.

Siri – Resolved Issues

  • Siri works with iOS simulators. (46681836)

If you want to download and update your iOS 5 public beta iOS 5.2 iPhone, make sure you are a registered public beta tester with a valid configuration profile. If iOS 12 automatic updates are enabled, you can have the software updated overnight. To instantly install, go to Settings -> General -> Software Update -> Download and Install, and follow the instructions on the screen.

If this is not your first beta rodeo, you know that iOS 12.2 is being used a fun fix on 12.1.4. With at least 22 new features and changes, including enhanced AirPlay 2 support, new Animoji, and a redesigned Apple TV remote control found in Control Center, 12.2 is more than just a facelift.

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