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Apps that help you to hold your New Year's resolutions

Whether you're getting fit or looking for a new job, these apps will help you stay on track and make sure you do not give up your New Year resolutions by mid-January.

In the next few weeks, there will be no discovery that comes from magazine covers that have a "New Year, New You" (or friends who swore have) begin green juicing). But if you're the guy who makes quick decisions and breaks, or has steadily improved your life year after year, you're probably going to decide to solve something.

Decisions are usually the same year after year: Slimming; stop smoking; get a better job saving money; But how do you reach them without putting yourself under pressure?

How about an app? PCMag has found a few that can help you achieve some of the most common resolutions. Since many have a social component, you will most likely not be traveling alone, especially if you are on a treadmill, surrounded by the hordes of people who have just come to your gym this month.

If you need an app To master them all, track the progress of your resolution with Strides (iOS) or Loop (Android). See the list below to be more specific.

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