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Aquaman: Trailer, Release Date, Cast, Action, Rumors and more


Jason Momoa looks rather threatening like Aquaman.

Warner Bros.

Poor Aquaman. It was hard for the King of the Seven Seas to overcome the reputation of the 1

970s super friend, where he was famous for talking to sea animals. But DC Comics took a big step to save the character by playing Jason Momoa, the tattooed, hard-nosed actor best known as Khal Drogo, from Game of Thrones . He combines this biker-bad-guy attitude with a magnetic appeal that makes Aquaman credible as a hero and magnetic as a personality.

The first trailer of the film last caused a furore at the San Diego Comic-Con in July, and in early August, it was viewed more than 35 million times.

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Aquaman Comic-Con's trailer brings Arthur Curry home for. ..


You know the basics: Momoa's Arthur Curry, also known as Aquaman, is half Atlantic and half human and has superhuman strength and the ability to manipulate ocean tides. He can also swim at supersonic speed and is known to communicate with other aquatic creatures. The trailer shows him as an adult and as a child, a boy who felt like an outsider on land and in the water.

Do not expect your everyday hero-in-tights offer.

"I Wanted Our Movie to Become More Unique" Wan said at the Comic-Con . "So my movie is more like a science fiction fantasy movie than a traditional superhero movie."

The trailer reveals Nicole Kidman as the mother of our hero, Queen Atlanna and Temuera Morrison as his father, lighthouse keeper Thomas Curry. It also shows a memorable scene in which the young Arthur is teased in an aquarium and the swimming inhabitants of the aquarium come to his aid.

Also, the two villains of the Black Manta (Yahya Abdul-Mateen II) and Aquaman's half-brother Orm (Patrick Wilson, and his love interest, red-haired Mera (Amber Heard).

) But perhaps the best scene shows the Warriors of Atlantis on big white sharks (JA!) who want to fight the Xebel warriors riding sea dragons, a humorous poking at the cartoon image of Aquaman riding a gentle seahorse. Apparently, Wan also watched Super Friends.

"My version of the seahorse is a sea dragon or an overweight seahorse, and they are scary," said Wan IMDb presenter Kevin Smith at the Comic-Con. "They're scary, you do not want to deal with any of them because they'll kill you, "Wan said with a laugh. [19659018] Release Date, Production Info

Since 2004, several shots of an Aquaman movie have been viewed. His film began filming in Australia in spring 2017, including in Canada and Morocco.

Momoa made his first appearance as Aquaman in 2017 Justice League . This independent film plays after the events of the film. The Justice League was a good preview of Aquaman, as fans saw Aquaman swimming and did not laugh.

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You might laugh at Aquaman, but not when played by Jason Momoa.

Warner Bros. Pictures

Director James Wan is perhaps best known for his work in horror films. He directed Saw in 2004, as well as Insidious and The Conjuring. Will Beall wrote the script based on a story by Wan and comic book author Geoff Johns.

And when the movie's official credits were added to the film's official website, Zack and Deborah Snyder were among the executive producers. The Snyders have produced every DC Extended Universe movie, but ComicBook.com notes there was whispers behind the scenes that Zack Snyder's role could change. After the death of his daughter, Autumn, in 2017, Snyder retired from the post-production of the Justice League to be with his family .

The film is rated PG-13 for "sequences of sci-fi violence and action" and "for a language. "

Aquaman will open in the United Kingdom on December 14, in the United States on December 21 and in Australia on December 26, which would certainly lead to a merry underwater Christmas, but in August 2018 some reports said the Australian release date could also be postponed to December 14. (Warner Bros did not respond immediately to a request for comment.)

Cast: Who is Who?

News, Rumors, and Theories on the Plot

Early Reviews: The reviews appeared at the end of August, and the CNET sister site ComicBook.com reported that the movie was a good movie, but nothing that will change the game for superhero cinema . "

Who is the villain in Aquaman? Aquaman's Comic-Nemesis Black Manta is played by Yahya Abdul-Mateen II. Black Manta has a lot of complicated background stories in the comics, so it's anyone's guess what you can get into the movie. He is also famous for his cartoon look, a black wetsuit with a fluffy alien-style helmet. And the helmet will make it into the film: In February, director James Wan shared a photograph of Abdul Mateen headmasters talking in a bin, explaining that it was an "original way of doing that." To simulate the interior of a certain large helmet. "

But do not think that Black Manta is the only villain. Patrick Wilson plays Aquaman's evil half-brother Ocean Master also known as ORM and Orm Marius. Ocean Master's origin varies slightly in comics to match Aquaman, but he shares a parent (sometimes father, sometimes mother) with the super-strong swimmer. In fact, Wan says it's Orm, not Manta, who is the real villain. "It's almost a very classic Shakespearean story about brother from another world versus brother from another world," said Wan Entertainment Weekly. "And it's really a classic story of sibling rivalry."

Wilson has also changed his character. "He's a kind of eco-warrior," said actor EW. "He has a very clear critique of the surface world that has been polluting its oceans for centuries."

A Glimpse of the Plot: Director James Wan Talked to the CNET Sister Site GameSpot in September The site outlined the basics of the plot. (Spoiler Ahead.) The first part of the film should focus on the romance of Aquaman's parents and give the impression that, because he is half human and half Atlantian, he does not really feel as if he belongs somewhere. There is also a fight in which his mother, played by Nicole Kidman, has to defend her son and human husband from Atlantic soldiers. If the movie continues and the hero is now grown, the fight for the Atlantean throne involves a huge fight with Orm (Patrick Wilson) in a huge underwater arena with er, an "octopus drummer".

  aquaman 2018-dc-6 "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/0cKOprA6lXlT-iZh8EyYZ-JSYWo=/2018/09/24/db57904a-b476-4bcb-a653-4c55065da379/ aquaman-2018-dc-6.jpg

Nicole Kidman plays Aquaman's mother, who falls in love with a human lighthouse keeper.

Warner Bros. Pictures

The Best of Both Worlds: Jason Momoa's own father is of Hawaiian descent, and his mother is from German, Irish and Native Americans. Wan told GameSpot that Momoa was the perfect actor to play the conflict-laden Aquaman. "He does not feel like he's in the world of the surface or the underwater world, and that's something Jason always felt," Wan said.

Splish-splash: The underwater scenes were not really filmed underwater, Wan told GameSpot. The filmmakers used "dry for wet" techniques and used special effects to make things look as if they were under the waves. Not that he did not try. "We made props, we made sets, and we dipped everything underwater, and we learned a lot just to see what things would look like," Wan said. "And then we finally realized what we can do underwater was still very limited by what we can do because we're normal people, we're not old Americans, are we?"

] The Lighter Site: Wan is well aware of Aquaman's stupid SuperFriends, and although he does not feel like comedy, he tells GameSpot that he sees the humor of a hero famous for to talk to fish. "Yeah, he rides seahorses, but in our movie, it's a different kind of – you would not laugh about a seahorse," Wan said. (See above – they are more "sea dragons".)

  aquaman-2018-dc-5 "data-original =" https://cnet2.cbsistatic.com/img/8kl9s1z6VCXNHQC4EYzx8wg0B6A=/2018/09/24/210931a2 -064b-4ff4-b895-e5a640da5a5a / aquaman-2018-dc-5.jpg

For the fight it looks a bit different in Atlantis.

Warner Bros. Pictures

How does Aquaman speak in the film under water? It was OK in Aquaman's Super Friends to talk about underwater bubbles with fish, but that would be campy and laughing in a Serious Superhero Flick. As early as 2016, director addressed James Wan's communication theme and said, "I love the idea of ​​underwater speech, but with a real kind of sound and water quality." Expect a "sort of water, almost sonar / whale thing," said Wan. Aquaman will speak in human language, but with a "slight kind of underlay to this ping to it."

Quinnent to trident: In the Justice League, the hero wields a five-pointed weapon, officially known as "Quindent." In late August, ComicBook.com reported that the film shows that Aquaman is trying to find "the real trident, the king's trident", not the epitome of the Justice League. With this trident he can "control the whole ocean," said a DC publicist.

Who will play Dolph Lundgren in Aquaman? Swedish actor and martial artist, 60, will play King Nereus, ruler of Xebel Wan said 2017 . But there is a debate about how Nereus fits into the plot. In the comics, Nereus competes with Aquaman for the love of Mera, but Lundgren told the Las Vegas Review Journal that his Nereus is Mera's father. "We try to avoid a war between the surface (inhabitants) and the people of Atlantis," he said.

I'm sorry, Junior: Some of us remember Aqualad, the hero's sidekick (voiced by Wil Wheaton in Teen Titan's animated series!), But do not look for him in the movie. Take it from Black Manta itself.

This piece was originally released on June 12, 2018 and will be updated as new information floats in. [19659012] Infinite Guide to Marvel: From the Avengers and MCU to the X-Men and everything in between, our biweekly newsletter will help keep you up to date.

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