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AR and VR made easy

Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) seem to have been at the pinnacle of mainstream success for years. But you can not decide if they offer something for you until you understand what they offer.

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What is AR and how does it differ from virtual reality?


Augmented Reality

AR is the case when one looks at and overlays the real world or sees overlaid with site-specific information and graphics. This is not the same as [GoogleGlass which merely puts a display of information in front of your eyes without anchoring it in a relevant place in the room.

AR is the simplest of the two new "realities": you can experience it by holding your phone while you're running one of hundreds of AR apps and sliding your smartphone into a face-mounted holder for more dive or a dedicated AR headphone such as Microsoft HoloLens Magic Leap or ODG R-7 for highest performance

The World Best Know AR Pokemon Go though I am most enthusiastic about useful AR applications such as navigating in a large shop or buying furniture that you would never want to return to.

Virtual reality

VR is when the sights and sounds around you are replaced with virtual, computer-generated ones. The resulting environment may be quite natural ( in a basketball game ) or completely imaginable ( in a video game ). VR surrounds you in 360 degrees and three dimensions to bring the illusion home. In his most ambitious forms, his locations are completely navigable as you move through them and use your hands to manipulate objects.

Like AR, VR can be sampled with your phone in a simple cardboard or plastic head mount ] but the main focus is on high performance head-mounted displays like the Oculus Rift PlayStation VR or HTC Vive . Until recently, all VR head-mounted displays were connected to a console or PC, but newer models like Google Daydream and Oculus Go become cordless . This is the key to achieving mass acceptance, but currently requires some performance trade-offs that degrade the illusion of being transported to another location.

A Curve Ball

Just when you think you'll get all that, a Curve Ball: The term "mixed reality" (MR) appears a lot and describes a technology that's AR's augmentation of the real world with VR's ability to synthesize elements inserted in it, mixed like animated characters to run across the table. In many cases MR software and content describes more than the hardware used. I am not too involved in the hard limits of these terms because the market is still very green for all three. Just show me what it does.

Bottom line

All these are visceral technologies that you must experience, rather than trying to fully grasp this article and video. If you're skeptical, I'd bet you're getting more excited than you thought. If you are optimistic, I am pretty sure that you will come up with some disappointments. This is the path of complex, powerful technologies seeking their place in our already visually dense life.

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