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Are you trying not to access your phone? Turn the screen into grayscale – LifeSavvy

  iPhone screen with grayscale filter enabled
Jason Fitzpatrick

Want to restrict the use of your smartphone? Make your phone boring and boring by turning the grayscale screen. It is surprisingly effective.

For years talked about how to minimize the distraction on your smartphone by turning the screen from standard full-color mode to a more boring (and very dystopian) grayscale. Honestly, it seemed to be one of the things that sounded good on paper, but in practice it was certainly a waste of time. Seems like that until we try it.

Smartphones are colorful, if any. The games, the social media apps and the user interface itself are all so bright and happy. The games are artfully designed with pleasant and vibrant colors. Notifications are optimized for a perfect shade of red to grab your attention. The icons on the home screen are tempting. If we just look at the bright red todo symbol, we want to open it, and game apps always have a special appeal.

But surprisingly the phone worked so boring when we flipped the screen gray. . The warnings did not seem to be urgent anymore. Just look at the screenshot above. There is nothing urgent about these warnings. Many time-consuming games are hard to play without color references. If everything is black, white, or a shade of gray, everything has a very useful look, and you'll probably be working with an app just as long as you need to do it to get the job done. If you're using an iPhone, you can turn on grayscale filtering by going to Settings> General> Accessibility> Display conditions> Color filters. If you're using an Android device, the method depends on your device (and you may even need to turn on developer mode to do that), but it's usually on the Accessibility menu, as it is on iPhones.

Is your phone turning grayscale forever a workable solution? Could be. If you find that you want to live life with a boring-looking smartphone to overcome the distraction, you should run with the smartphone. However, it may be enough to leave your phone in a state of being stolen all the colors of the rainbow for a week to develop a new habit that uses less phone time.

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