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Asus Zenfone 5Z Tips and Tricks

The Asus Zenfone 5Z offers many alluring features in a temptingly affordable package, but some of its options are less than obvious. The Zen interface (user interface), which is based on Android, is not always the most intuitive. That's why we've designed this guide to help you discover the best secrets. These are our top tips and tricks from Asus Zenfone 5Z.

Before we start, you should consider whether you are looking for some protection – read the best Asus Zenfone 5Z cases for suggestions.

How to Hide the Score

are not big fans of the notch trend, but the added real estate may come in handy for connection icons and battery status. If it really annoys you, Asus has the option to hide it, the notch black, so it does not stand out so much, though it still contains the same symbols.

To turn it off, go to Settings> Show and Toggle Hide Notch . Unfortunately, it does not do anything to fix the crowded time and battery icon on the top right.

How to Customize Your Home Screen

You can tap and hold on any blank part of the home screen to access the customization customization options, just like any other Android device, but Asus offers many options for playing. In addition to wallpapers and widgets you can edit screen tap things like icon alignment and scroll effects [1

9659002] There is also an option Settings with which you can configure AppLock Hide apps and customize other settings on the splash screen option. We always switch off add icon to home screen but there are many other options in it

How to take a screenshot

If you want to capture an error or a high score in one www.mplayerhq. game, you can take a screenshot in the usual Android way: Press and hold the Power and Volume down buttons at the same time.

Asus also has a second option built-in Settings> Advanced> Screenshot which allows you to tap and hold the Current Apps screen to capture your screen. You can also disable the associated sound and notification here, if you want, and switch between JPEG and PNG file formats.

How to Use Twin Apps

If you have a few accounts for the same app, like maybe a personal Facebook or Twitter account and a professional one, then you can use both Twin Apps to open. You can find it at Settings> Advanced and it supports Facebook, LinkedIn, Messenger, Play Games, Twitter and YouTube.

Use of A.I. Properties

Asus has much of A.I. Smart in Zenfone 5Z, but not everything is turned on by default. In Settings> Advanced> A.I. Features and you will find a list with gag. You can tap on any option to learn more. Our favorite is the A.I. Charging Option Designed to learn how to charge your phone and charge at the optimal time for the battery condition. This means that it charges slowly overnight and only goes to maximum shortly before the normal wake-up time, but recharges at full speed if you charge during the day.

How to use ZeniMoji

If you like it If you are a cute owl or cat or a cartoon character, then maybe you should play with ZeniMoji. It's Asus' answer to Apple's Animoji or Samsung's AR Emoji, but you may be wondering how to find it. Open the Selfie Master app in the app drawer and you'll see the ZeniMoji option in the bottom right corner.

You can select your character below and record or use videos in an app. Facebook Messenger is the default, but tap the top three dots on the top right, and you can select . Select the app and switch to Google Duo. The ZeniMoji icon should also be displayed during video calls and livestreams, but you can go to Settings> Advanced > ZeniMoji .

Asus also gives you the ability to apply a beauty filter in real time for video streaming or video calls. It is named BeautyLive and is also in the Selfie Master App and in Settings> Advanced .

How to Use Hardware Buttons for the Camera

When you open the Camera app and tap the gear icon to get to the settings, and scroll down to find two convenient options: Set the volume key as with shutter or zoom . and instant camera which allows you to double-click the volume key to start the camera.

How to Use the Fingerprint Sensor to Check Notifications

  Asus Zenfone 5Z Fingerprint Sensor
Simon Hill / Digital Trends

This is a handy option if you only have one free hand. Go to Settings> Advanced> Fingerprint Gesture and turn it on, and you can swipe down with your finger on the fingerprint sensor to pull down the notification screen and view your recent notifications. You can also swipe down to expand the quick settings, or swipe up to close them.

How to use gestures

The Asus ZenUI supports all sorts of gestures, such as double-clicking the screen to turn it on and off by placing the phone face down on the phone and drawing different letters on the screen, to start different apps. You can find all these options under Settings> Advanced> ZenMotion Buried.

If you scroll to the letter gestures that work on a dark screen to launch apps, you can turn them on and off individually, but you can also tap to change the apps that start from each letter.

How to Schedule the Blue Light Filter

Too much blue light at bedtime may make it difficult to fall asleep, so if you want to rummage in bed, you should turn on the blue light filter. The notification bar is quick to set, but we prefer to configure it to automatically turn it on and off. To find it, go to Settings> Display and scroll down to click Splendid .

You can turn on the Blue Light Filter with a slider and you can switch to Turn on as planned, and then tap it to set the hours or turn them on at sunset.

How to set the tone

Our last tip is to take full advantage of the audio in the Zenfone 5Z. If you look at Settings> Sound & Vibrat and scroll down, you will find AudioWizard . You can switch profiles for Rock and Pop but you can also select Custom and then tap in the middle to create your own equalizer settings. There is an option to play Music Preview but be warned that it plays a rather cheesy song about Asus.

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