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Beat Encode is Nearly Perfect Even Without a Smart Home – Review Geek


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  • 5 – Acceptably Imperfect
  • 6 – Good Enough to Buy On Sale
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Price: $ 250

 The Beat Encode Wi-Fi lock installed on a green door.
Josh Hendrickson

Smart locks are a great addition to the smarthome. But they usually require a hub for remote access and that means a full smart home system. Anyone can use it.

Here's What We Like

  • Easy to install
  • Great app
  • Quieter than other locks
  • No hub required

And What We Do not

  • No scheduled locking
  • Satelite numbers are hard to see
  • Google assistant commands lacking

I've been using a Z-wave Connect hit deadbolt for years. It's reliable, works well, and super convenient to have. I do not even need them. The keypad means I can not even lock my hands when I'm out of bed.

But it's not a perfect lock. For one, it's bulky and loud. And for two, it requires a Z-wave hub for any remote capability. That's fine for me, a smarthome expert, but not great for any of my friends or family.

The Beat Encode fixes all that that. It's smaller, quieter, easier to install, and does not require any other smart home tech to work. The thing is darn near perfect. How near? Smarthome tech, and they love it too.

Smartphones have two components that make them much more challenging than a standard lock. The keypad on the front, which requires power cables through the lock cavity. And the battery and circuitry box, which goes on the inside of your door. What's impressive about the beating Encode is much smaller than the Z-Wave Connect. And that size makes the installation easier.

 A Z-wave Connect and Encode unit side by side. The Connect unit is noticeably larger.
The Beat Z-wave Connect is on the Left; the new Schlager Encode is on the right. Josh Hendrickson

I've been using a few smart locks over the years. For the most part, they are not much more challenging than a standard door lock. The hardest part is keeping the pieces in place while you're driving. Usually, the components are so heavy they want to fall out. That leaves you trying to awkwardly clench it with one hand while driving screws with the other. It's not impossible, but it's awkward and mildly frustrating.

The Strike Encode does not have that problem at all. It just sticks in place while you work on getting everything centered and aligned. That made installing the lock so easy I finished in less than ten minutes. When I recommend the Encode to my sister-in-law. Wi-Fi adapter for remote access.

Unlike a lot of other locks, you do not need to install a bridge or Wi-Fi adapter for remote access. Nor do you need to be a smarthome hub.

One thing that has come to this is how quiet this lock is. Smart locks work by using a motor to turn the lock components. With the older Beat Connect, the sound of the engine is loud and jarring. I have a 10-minute-a-week session at 10 P.M. every night, and it always startles me (my front door leads to my living room). The Encode is quiet. I can still hear it, but it's nowhere near distracting or disruptive.

I also appreciate that the keypad has a dedicated lock button and home button. With the older Connect lock, I need to press the strike. That's unintuitive, and it was just before I figured it out. On the newer model, the home button lights up the keypad if you're trying to unlock the door in the dark and the lock button, unsurprisingly, locks the door. That's much more intuitive.

An App That Does Nearly Everything

 The Schlage Home app, showing lock command, codes, and locking history.

Once you've installed the lock, you can pair it with the Beat Home app ( for Android and iOS ). I will try to make an exception.

That's because the app is very well put together. When you open the app after pairing, the first thing you see is a big lock symbol you can push to lock and unlock the door.

But Schlage did not stop there; the app gives you some great controls. When you dig into the settings, you can create and lock keys to And when you create a lock code, you can set it to expire automatically or at times when it will work. That feature is great if you have a cleaning service.

The app comes with notifications that let you

Between the built-in Wi-Fi and the fantastic app, this lock has everything you need to install it in your home, even if you do not have any other smarthome devices. Smarthome hubs.

A Few Flaws

 A closeup of the hitting Encode showing the numbers somewhat faded in sunlight.
Sometimes the numbers can be challenging, depending on sunlight. Josh Hendrickson

While Encore is very close to perfect, it just misses the mark. For instance, it does not have scheduled locking (say, lock the door every morning at 8 A.M). 30 seconds up to 4 minutes)

I walk my son to the bus in the morning, so I. You can set to auto-lock to lock the door automatically after a specific set of time I do not want the door to lock when I know I'm coming back in ten minutes. But I just want to lock it every night. I reached out to Schlagen, and the company let me know it.

I did find that if you have Alexa paired to the Wi-Fi powered blow Encode you can set a routine to lock the door on a scheduled basis , Unfortunately, Google Assistant routines will not let you lock the door at the moment.

Hale tells me that Google does not provide APIs for those commands, and it's up to the company to create them from scratch. Although it would not help me to date, it did.

It's worth mentioning that the older Z-wave powered hitting Connect Lock does have scheduling features through the connected hub you use with it. [19659027] Finally, my wife does not like the keypad on this lock. The numbers are a very soft gray and set against an almost white background. She says when the sun is shining directly on the keypad, the numbers are hard to see. I do not have the issue, but I have 20/20 vision. So hit the lock in a dark bronze color scheme.

Great If You Do not Own a Smarthome

 A hit Encode lock, above
On the other hand, my sister-in-law's keypad numbers are visible because direct light does not hit them. Josh Hendrickson

I'm an anonymous smarthome loving geek. And my very first smarthome device was a Z-wave smart lock (and a wink hub to make it work). I think smart locks are a great way to get into smart homes that have immediate tangible benefits. But until now, that did not require a smart home.

My sister-in-law, on the other hand, does not care for smart home tech. She absolutely will not install Alexa or Google speakers in her home. And until recently, they would mute them when they came to stay with us.

It does not require any other smart home devices. Overall, she's happy with the lock, and that's great news coming from someone who shuns smart gadgets. Her only complaint is the paint of scheduled locking.

Even as a full smart home user, I'm pretty happy with the lock. Thanks to Alexa, I can do everything with it, including scheduling that I could with my Z-wave lock. The Encode Does More!

Add in that it's smaller, quieter, and easier to install, and you can call this a nearly perfect smart lock. Here's What We Like [19659063Easytoinstall

  • Great app
  • Quieter than other locks
  • No hub required
  • And What We Do not

    • No scheduled locking
    • Satin numbers are hard to see
    • Google Assistant commands lacking

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