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Become the Grillmeister – Review Geek with these 20 accessories

  A certified frying pan master with the tools of the craft industry

So you've finally committed yourself to the high-end grill lifestyle. But skill and enthusiasm are not everything. If you want to be a real grill master, you need the right tools and accessories.

The basic tools and utensils in your kitchen may be suitable for frying eggs, mushrooming, or baking a souffle (or whatever), but you will not meet the needs of a die-hard, greasy-grilling master.

So what does it take to become a grill master? Well, you need some basic tools like spatula and scraper. But you also need domes, meat presses and squeeze bottles. A griddle master is rough and at the same time gentle, so you need storage and cleaning agents to keep your griddle in top shape. An apron would be nice too, and you need a pan. But that is a matter of course. (Need one for your hob? We've taken care of you.)

The hunt for barbecue accessories can be overwhelming, but do not give up the fight, we're here to help. We've found a bunch of products that everyone can use to become a grill master.

The necessary tools

  A spatula, two oil bottles and a grill tool kit
Blackstone / Jordigamo / New Star Food Service [19659003] Spatula, scraper and oil bottles make up the triptych of barbecue tools. This is a must for any serious barbecues. If you want to turn food around and ingest, you need a spatula. If you want to pull off fat and burned food from the grill, you need a scraper. If you want to use edible oil effortlessly, you will need a squeeze bottle. These are facts.

You probably already have some of these tools in your kitchen, but if you miss something, now is the time to stock up. Luckily, these basic barbeque tools are very cheap, and you can always buy a set if you do not feel like shopping nearby.

  • Jordigamo Stainless Pans Set ($ 42) – This set includes four spatulas, two oil bottles, tongs, a scraper, two eggshells and a carrying case. For $ 42, you always pay $ 4 per griddle.
  • Blackstone Griddle Accessory Kit ($ 20) – This kit includes two spatulas, a scraper, and two oil bottles. It's a minimalist kit, but it's affordable and has everything you need.
  • Blackstone 32-ounce squeeze bottles (pack of 2) ($ 10) – Two large squeeze bottles for your cooking oil. With these bottles you can easily add oil to your grill plate. They can even be used to hold infused oils for tasty blackened meat or sautéed vegetables.
  • New Star Foodservice Spatula with Wood Handle ($ 6) – A 12.5-inch spatula with a wooden handle. Hey, it's $ 6, you can buy it as well, if you need another spatula.

With a good base set you are ready to deal with the additional tools that will expand your barbecue area.

The Extra Tools

If you want to squeeze, blacken, steam, or cook your food, you'll need to add extra tools to your griddle arsenal. Barbeque presses and tackle domes are commonly used in restaurants and used by real barbecue masters.

These tools are not a necessity, but they are a great addition to your grill attachment. Besides, they are not too expensive.

  • Yukon Glory 28 "Griddle Rack ($ 28) – This stainless steel rack attaches to the sides of your grill plate. It is dishwasher safe and can accommodate your tools, bottles and ingredients.
  • Cuisinart Cast Iron Grill Press ($ 17) – If you want to squeeze unwanted fat from meat, you need a press to do the job properly. This cast iron press is inherently non-sticky and should last for a long time.
  • Bellemain Cast Iron Bacon Press ($ 15) – Tired of unevenly cooked bacon? The Bellemain bacon press can help you put that wobbly bacon in your pan. It is made of cast iron so it does not stick and should last a long time.
  • Blackstone 12 "Basting Dome ($ 12) – This stainless steel dome is a must for any chef who wants to steam vegetables, melt cheese or blast the meat with some oil. It's big, it's ready for the dishwasher and it's cheap.
  • Cuisinart 9 "Basting Dome ($ 10) – You do not need a giant bast dome to melt your cheese and blacken your flesh. A little one will do the job well. This 9-inch craft dome is made of durable stainless steel and thus suitable for the dishwasher.

You may be familiar with the basics, but the above extras really help with special tasks and consistent results.

A variety of cleaners

  Grills and grille cleaners
KP Solutions / Avant Grub

Yes, there is a big drawback if you own a grill plate. Cleaning can be painful. Luckily, there are a plethora of different cleaning products that are made specifically for grates. Some of them are quite cheap, but others (made for restaurants) can cost an arm and a leg.

Which detergent should you buy? Well, that depends on your needs. Do you use the grill plate a lot? Do you cook a lot of blackened food and cheese on the grill plate? Detergents are required in a high-performance kitchen, but if you only cook a few burgers or pancakes, you probably need nothing more than a barbeque scraper or a stone.

  • KP Solutions Ecological Grindstone (2-Pack) ($ 12) – Make cleaning easy and airy with these environmentally friendly, non-toxic grindstones. They are like pumice stones, but for your greasy grill plate.
  • Cuisinart Griddle Scraper ($ 15) – This large, ergonomic scraper speeds up cleaning time. Even the worst burns will be easy to solve. And since this scraper has a splash guard, the kitchen is not splashed with grease.
  • Avant Grub Grill Blades (40 Pack) ($ 11) – These grill grills are cheap and easy to use. You scrub away burnt grease and coal and do not damage your cast iron plate.
  • Scotch Brite Quick Grille Kit ($ 70) – If you're pumping out restaurant amounts of food, then you need to be cleaned with a restaurant-grade solution. This kit comes with 6 packs of Scotch Brite Cleaning Solution, 6 sponge heads, a squeegee and a sponge holder.

With a freshly cleaned and cheerful griddle, it's time to see where the thing should be turned off if you're not heavy at work.

Heavy-duty storage solutions

  A hard grill cover and a peg

If you are afraid of rust and dust, you should find a storage solution for your appliance frying pan. In general, you want to find a bag or cover that is water-repellent and perhaps even wearable. However, if you leave your griddle on the stove or have a special grill plate in the kitchen, you might just need a large cover that looks good in the kitchen.

Most grill plate covers are designed for outdoor and table grills. However, you can use them realistically for every product. Make sure you measure your grill plate before buying a cover.

  • Blackstone 36 "Griddle Hard Cover ($ 80) – This hardcover is for outdoor grill plates, but can be used to protect a special grill plate in your kitchen. It is made of stainless steel and protects your grill plate from dirt and rust.
  • Blackstone 28 "Griddle Hard Cover ($ 70) – This is the smaller version of the 36" Blackstone Grill Plate. It's again meant for outdoor grills, but it would also work on a special indoor grill plate.
  • Blackstone 17 "Table Top Griddle Bag ($ 24) – This sturdy griddle bag is great for storing or transporting frying pans 17" electric or electric hob. It's made of a waterproof polyester so you do not have to worry about dirt or moisture.
  • Camp Chef 20 "x 31" Griddle Bag ($ 20) – This medium sized griddle bag should be used to fit most two or three burner stovetops. It is made of a thick, waterproof polyester and is therefore ideal for storing or transporting the grill plate.

If you routinely store your grill plate in a pantry (or stow it between storage sessions), a protective case is a protective cover. A great extra to invest in.

Trendy, Hard-wearing and Utilitarian Aprons

  Two Black Aprons
HOMWE / Hudson Durable Goods

Who kisses a cook covered with bacon fat and burnt cheese? If you're serious about your wild barbecue lifestyle, you'll need an apron to keep you clean and stylish.

There are more aprons on the market than atoms in the universe, so let's focus on a small variety of aprons that should appeal to everyone. These aprons are a good mix of durability, fashion and utility.

  • JoyFamily Chef Hat and Apron Set ($ 14) – No one will take your cooking seriously until you wear a stereotypical chef's hat. These eye movements and cunning comments disappear the minute you look like Chef Boyardee. Feel free to add a European accent for added authenticity.
  • Hudson Durable Goods Professional Cooking Apron ($ 30) – Here's a cooking apron with all the extra features. A quick-release buckle, a durable fabric, a towel loop and bags for utensils. It's expensive, but it's worth the money.
  • HOMWE Adjustable Pinstripe Bib Apron (12 $) – Show your guests that they have style with this pinstripe apron. It is durable, pocket sized and fashionable. In addition, these vertical stripes are extremely slimy.

All in all, we have left a lot of ground behind us. If you are serious about barbequing, you have a good shopping list to work through – or if you have friends and family who are always in search of good gifts, you can point them out in this article The next Christmas present is filled with fun accessories.

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