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Best Apps to Search Reddit on an iPhone or iPad – Review Geek

  iPad Pro with Apollo
Oli Haslam

Reddit is the self-proclaimed front page of the Internet, whether you want cat videos or high-level physical discussions. But the web interface sucks. Luckily, iPhone and iPad users have a variety of apps as alternatives, and here are the best.

Choosing the right app for you

Not all Reddit apps are the same. Sure, they all let you read Reddit and post comments. But how they do that varies from app to app. Using Reddit will tell you which type of Reddit app suits you best.

If you want options to change the app icon to suit your specific aesthetic, you need an app that offers great customization options. If you want to be able to do your thing and keep going, then something more basic is best. Reddit power users ̵

1; serial commentators, voters and meme posters – need more features.

Best for most users: Reddit (free with in-app purchase: 7.99 USD)

 Reddit screenshot

Reddit does everything you need when you just need the basic reddit experience. This includes support for posting, commenting, and uploading media.

At the time of writing, Group Chat is only available in the official Reddit app. If you use this, this is the only app for you.

The official Reddit app marks enough boxes to be recommended for most people. It's not crazy about fancy gestures or animations, but for the sake of simplicity, there's something to say. As a first-party app, Reddit will likely support all new features added before the contest.

Reddit can be downloaded for free and offers a $ 6.99 monthly in-app purchase to activate Reddit Premium. For each month subscribed, you will be granted access to the R / Lounge Subreddit and 700 Coins .

Best for Power Users: Apollo (Free with In-App Purchase: Pro $ 2.99 / Ultra $ 9.99)

 Apollo Screenshots

Apollo is a Darling of the Reddit community, because it works well and looks stunning.

Sometimes more features can add complexity, but not here. With the navigation bar, which offers buttons for posts, inbox, profile, search and settings, everything is just a tap away. This navigation bar is also durable, so you always have it handy when you need it.

Inline media preview and GIF scrubbing – fast-forwarding and rewinding a GIF – makes it a pleasure to browse comments, and for them there are even moderation tools who needs them. For all others, full support for Markdown render in posts is just as welcome as support for content filtering.

Almost everything in Apollo can be customized, including not just the general theme, but also the app icon. They are stunning and worth a visit.

The two levels of in-app buying can be a problem for some. A $ 3.99 in-app purchase requires a contribution from Reddit. With the $ 9.99 annual subscription or the $ 24.99 subscription, you receive push notifications for responses and messages, as well as monthly access to the entire app theme and a new icon.

If you only want to browse Reddit, you can use it Apollo for free, but you will miss all the funny details.

Best Combination of Features and Simplicity: Narwhal

 Narwhal screenshots [19659006] Narwhal offers the best combination of features and simplicity with a clear look , Once removed, this app is similar to the official Reddit app, but with additional features.

Narwhal has a cult following thanks to an active developer and gestures-driven interface. A powerful filter ensures that you do not see content that you do not want. If you do not want to see cat memes – why not? – you do not have to.

There is some customization here with a dark mode that can be toggled on and off by tapping the logo on top of the screen. In particular, a button to start a new Reddit post is always visible. Oddly enough, not all apps have that.

You can pull to refresh if you're watching a very active thread or conversation, so you never miss something.

To remove ads, you'll need to buy the in-app purchase, which costs $ 3.99. If you use the app frequently, it's worth the money.

Honorable Mention: BaconReader

 BaconReader screenshots

BaconReader may look simplistic in design, but that's unfair. Similar to the official Reddit app: If you just want to get in, read a thread and then get out, you'll have an overview with BaconReader. But it also has an ace up its sleeve.

This ace – and why BaconReader is on our list – is the ability to save drafts for both posts and comments. This feature did not appear often when we tested apps for this summary. It's also one of the things we've found to use more often than expected, and we definitely missed it when we tested other apps. People who write long posts or think about their answers before submitting will appreciate the ability to save drafts.

Similar to some of our other picks, BaconReader uses gestures for the most common tasks, such as post-voting. And again, filters are built in to keep the bad stuff in check.

Buying an in-app for $ 1.99 removes all in-app ads. If you use BaconReader for a long time, we recommend that you pay.

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