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Best Places to Sell Your Used Electronics in 2019

How do you cheapen a brand new phone? Sell ​​your old one.

Almost every mobile operator using device payment plans may not have that many old phones in their drawer. Most trade-in programs now also accept tablets, smartwatches, fitness trackers, and other devices.

To reduce the cost of upgrading to the latest and greatest technology, you can use websites that provide you with cash to sell your electronics.

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The prices offered with matchmaking programs are usually slightly below those for which you could sell electronics directly by placing them on [1

9459009Craigslist or Swappa . But you do not have to deal with the hassle of negotiating a price, paying for shipping or the fees that some services charge. And you do not have to cope with the even greater expense of going to a pawn shop or arranging a yard sale. Read on to find out where to sell your used electronics and devices best.

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Sell your old iPhone for the most money


Amazon Trade-In

Payment Method: Amazon Gift Card

Processing Time: Two business days after receipt of the item by Amazon

The Amazon exchange program works very well as its retail division , You search for an item, enter the required details (memory, screen size, etc.), and then select the state of the device. Amazon then creates an offer, and if you accept it, provide a shipping label for the item.

Once you've shipped the item, Amazon will check it to make sure the item matches your original description. When everything checks out, your Amazon account will receive an Amazon gift card for the offer amount. If the item is in better condition than you've described, Amazon promises to pay you more.

Your gift card is usually available within two business days of receiving the shipment from Amazon.

The disadvantage? Your money is tied to your Amazon account.

Apple Trade In

Payment Method : Apple Store Gift Card

Processing Time : Immediately if run in an Apple Store. Two to three weeks when conducted online

Apple takes over the trade-in of devices from a variety of companies, not just from its own. You can either visit an Apple Store or use Apple's online service. Apple currently accepts smartphones, tablets, computers, watches and "other" devices. If the company does not have an exchange offer for your device, you will be asked if you would like to recycle it for free. Visit the website or an Apple Store to begin the exchange process.

Using Apple to trade in old devices and pay extra money makes sense if you want to stay in the Apple ecosystem or if you leap from Android. For example, you can not buy a Samsung device with the Apple Store Gift Card.

Best Buy Exchange Program

Payment Method : Best Buy Gift Card

Processing Time : 10 business days

An offer obtained from Best Buy is as simple as the selection a product category, a manufacturer, a model and a condition. Once you complete the questionnaire, the tool estimates the value of the electronic items and immediately gives you an offer. If you accept the offer, the amount will only be credited as a Best Buy gift card.

You can either send the item to Best Buy with a prepaid label or search for a local store that accepts in-store trade-ins.

Best Buy's shipping time is slower than other services, but the company accepts a variety of devices – almost all types of electronic devices, including wearables, cameras, and game consoles. For example, you can trade video games and an iPhone ($ 1,000 on Amazon) or an iPod at the same time. And if you do this in the store, you will get a Best Buy gift card without waiting.


Payment Method : PayPal or Check

Processing time : One week after receiving the device

Unlike the previous services, Nextworth will pay you or PayPal at your option a check.

This process answers some questions about the phone, tablet, or smartwatch you sell. Nextworth will make you an offer and send you a prepaid shipping label upon acceptance.

When Nextworth receives your device, it checks to see if the displayed state is correct. In case of discrepancies, you have the option to reclaim the device or accept the revised offer.

eBay Instant Selling

Payment Method : eBay Instant Voucher

Processing Time : Same Day

The eBay Instant Selling platform monitors eBay phone lists and whether a device is in In good condition, it is offered to buy the phone immediately and give the seller an eBay instant voucher. This is marketing for an eBay gift card.

The seller (you) then sends the device to a company that has partnered with eBay and verifies that the device is as described.

In case of discrepancies your eBay payment method will be charged with the difference.

Of course, the downside is that you need to spend the gift card on eBay instead of another service on eBay instant sales.


Take a look around and see which service offers you the most money for your device. This is where Flipsy comes into play.

Flipsy does not accept any trade-ins, but curates other services that do so, providing you with a list of services and the amount that each one currently offers for your device.

You can then quickly look at the list and choose the service or website that best suits your device.

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