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Build a Kano Kit Touch Tablet for only $ 168 – Review Geek

Are you awake at night wishing that you or your child could learn to code? Well, now is a good opportunity to purchase the Kano Touch Kit. It's a great way to practice coding, and it's currently available in stores.

Coding is a valuable skill, but not only for full-time or potential programmers. Learning code is almost like learning a language. It's a great hobby that extends your critical thinking skills and although this can lead to a job, this is not necessarily required.

That's why we're always happy to talk about coding kits, especially the Kano kit. Coding kits are educational products designed for children, but adults can benefit as well. With these products, you learn how to code a computer from the ground up, and they really are not too expensive.

At the moment, the Kano Touch Kit is available for only $ 1

68 – a $ 112 discount. The Kano Touch Kit teaches you how to create software on a touchscreen tablet. The Kano Touch Kit includes a Raspberry Pi 3, a 10-inch touchscreen tablet, keyboard, case and stand, DIY speaker and step-by-step instructions. The Kano kit also gives you access to the Kano community, where thousands of users upload their custom code, and instructions for hacking Minecraft.

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