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Catalog and save recipes from every page to your smartphone «Smartphones :: Gadget Hacks

With tasty dominating Facebook videos and online cooking, it can be tedious to manage all your recipes. Someone could send you something, and storing it in an app like Pocket is like putting all your school records in a folder – it's just not practical. Fortunately, there is a better way to catalog your recipes so you can always have them on hand.

Enter Prepear, a versatile app dedicated exclusively to recipes. Sure, there are apps like peppers, but Prepear is a great (and free) alternative. You can easily save, group, and even add the food from your recipes to your shopping lists. Since Prepear really has everything, it's my go-to app for all prescriptive things ̵

1; including the savings of everything I encounter on my travels.

Install Prepear

First, you must download and install Prepear from either the App Store if you are an iPhone user or Google Play if you are using an Android device. You can either search manually ("Prepear" is a fairly unique name), or you can tap the link that corresponds to your operating system. Download it, install it and then open it.

Method 1: Adding a Recipe to the In-App Browser

When you first open Prepear, you are prompted to create an account – whether through Facebook, Google or their own account system. An account is a convenient way to always have your recipes with you.

The easiest way to add a recipe is through the in-app browser, which you can access from the main menu by tapping the plus icon in the top right corner and then clicking "Add web recipe".

From here you come to a browser that is probably very similar to many others you used. Just look for the recipe you want or paint a wide brush if you're not sure. You have a lot to do with "Easy Chicken Breast" recipes. Next, tap the recipe you want to add.

I have not yet found a recipe for Prepear cataloging problems, but sticking to general websites like Allrecipes and Food Network will not hurt if you worry that everything is logged properly. Once you're on the recipe page, tap the green bookmark icon in the upper-right corner to let Prepear identify the recipe. In the box that appears, tap Show recipe.

Your recipe will already be displayed to you, with a thumbnail image from the original website included. You can scroll down to see if all the ingredients are correct and the instructions. If something is wrong, you can tap an item and edit it manually. Tapping "Delete content" deletes it. You can also add ingredients by tapping the white box at the bottom of the Ingredients panel and typing one. When you are satisfied, tap Save in the upper right corner.

Once the recipe has been added to your cookbook, tap on "See it" in the lower right corner to go straight to it.

Method 2: Add a recipe from your favorite web browser

If you join of inspiration in your web browser, you can always add recipes from there. Once you open the recipe, long press on the address bar and "Copy" the URL. From there, go to the Prepear app and tap the plus icon in the top right as you did in Method 1. The recipe is automatically loaded from the clipboard and then added as in the previous method

Method 3: Adding a Recipe from Your Computer

One of the benefits of creating an account is the ability to add recipes from your computer. If you come across one you like, copy the URL and go to Prepear's website.

After login, click "Add a Recipe"

Enter the Enter the URL in the field "A web recipe" and then click on "Get Recipe".

Your recipe will automatically populate and you can customize everything as you would on the mobile interface. If you are satisfied with everything, scroll down and click on "Next" to go to the last page.

Just click on the "Save recipe" button on the last page to save it. You can also change some of the values ​​like preparation and cooking time if you want but do not feel that you need it.

Tip: Use collections to organize your recipes

Once the recipes pile up, their use may be of collections, a great way to organize them is to go to your recipes by tapping the "Recipes" tab at the bottom and all your recipes are in front of you .. Create a collection by clicking the top of the section titled "New Add Collection "and enter a name for the collection.

By default, your collection is visible to friends only, but you can freely make it" public "with it Strangers can see it. I tried to look for my friends who also use Prepear, and I could not find any, so I would not worry too much about the friendship aspect. Create the collection by tapping Save in the upper right corner.

Once you've created the collection, tap "Add or Remove Recipes" to add the recipes you want by checking them on the next screen. in the upper right corner to complete your collection. Now you can group all of your recipes to your liking and they will be displayed prominently in a carousel in your recipes.

Prepear is a versatile app that immensely supports the cooking experience, both in finding recipes and in helping you file them away. It's an indispensable tool for any cook with a smartphone, and I honestly do not remember what I did without it. Of course, you can always spend $ 9.99 a month on prepear gold, which offers you features like meal reuse plans, cooking in "prepear mode" so you can follow recipes in a streamlined manner. However, I feel that the free version offers many features, and if you are willing to spend some money, you can also go with paprika.

Cover Picture and Screenshots of Brian Lang / Gadget Hacks

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