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6 new hacks for Android and iPhone

You may not know what to do with your phone that is only one or two years old. It's still useful and still has a lot of life, but you've just upgraded to the latest version. Sure, you could give it to a relative or recycle . Or you can give life a new life by turning it into something …

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How to watch videos at faster speeds

Solis Images / Shutterstock Who said you needed to watch videos at normal speed? Speed ​​up playback to slow through lectures or watch a slow TV series. These tips are for YouTube, Netflix, local videos, and anything else you can stream in Chrome. Speed ​​Up YouTube Videos On YouTube, you can click the gear icon while watching a video and …

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Which product was first advertised in Deep Space?

EISCAT Answer: Doritos While part of many terrestrial broadcasts came into space as a side effect of the broadcasting process, Frito-Lay sent an advertising stunt Humanity a deliberate advertisement in space. In 2008, Frito-Lay sponsored a special promotion for their popular Doritos chips as an advertising competition created by fans. The successful short film, a clever stop-motion film by Matt …

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Do not boil these 5 foods in your instant pot

Instant Pot (aka Instapot) is my favorite cooking tool in the kitchen, as it can effortlessly prepare such a wide assortment of dishes . There are some things that just can not be done. Here are five foods you should not prepare in your Instapot. Now Playing: Note: 8 indispensable instant pot tips 2:11 Dairy As in a Slow Cooker …

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