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10 Essential Steps to Protecting Your Identity Online

Identity theft can shatter your world and not in a good way. You could lose access to your financial accounts or find a surprise lien on your home. You could even be arrested if someone commits a crime under your identity. What can you do to avert these alarming possibilities? Here are some simple tips that can help you stay …

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How to Infect with Malware?

In the early days of personal computers, every user needed a lot of technical expertise. System does not start Open the case and replace all expansion cards, or polish the terminals with an eraser. During question time, ask for help with the PC User Group session. Try making some settings in the CONFIG.SYS file. Funny things! But this era is …

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The one thing you should not clean this Thanksgiving

Purification before Thanksgiving Visitors are only part of the tradition. You want to make a good impression, right? Among all the things on your list, there is one thing you should not cleanse. The turkey. Skip the Rinse No doubt you will find plenty of recipes in cookbooks and online recipes that will instruct you to rinse your turkey before …

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How to Turn an Echo Button into a Home Lockdown Button

Echo Buttons are simple Bluetooth devices that connect to an Amazon Echo. So far, they have been referenced to simple, buzzy keys for use in games. Recently, Amazon has added the ability to combine an echo button with a routine, opening up a whole world of possibilities. A simple, direct use is to lock the button when the last person …

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Customizing the Reading Pane in Outlook

Outlook Read Area – a.k.a. Preview Window: Displays the text of a message you have selected, so you do not have to open the actual message to work with it. To customize the Reading Pane to meet your needs: Outlook contains several different sections, including the default sections (for example, the Navigation Pane) and others that you may not be …

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