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Caution: Here are all apps that are buggy or broken on iOS 12 Beta for iPhone «iOS & iPhone :: Gadget Hacks

The iOS 12 beta has already aroused admiration for their superior performance over last year's controversially buggy iOS 11. This does not mean that it is free of problems. The latest from Apple has a lot of bugs and glitches it's struggling with, many of which unfortunately affect the apps we use every day.

But that's not necessarily the fault of iOS 12. In the early stages of a beta release, many developers have not tweaked their apps to work on the latest beta release. While some apps continue to work well, others may have fatal consequences when using a beta version of iOS.

However, all problems need to be understood in context. We are currently in a closed beta version for iOS 1

2, developer only. Therefore, the issues should be the expectations of all users installing the update on their device. Still, it's helpful to know which apps to watch out for to limit as many unwanted surprises as possible.

Much of the following compilation would not have been possible without the extensive cataloging of MacRumors user eish2306, but we also added buggy apps that our users have found as well as those we've experienced ourselves.

Apps with small or annoying bugs

The following is a bit of a mixed bag. Some apps have identified one or two issues that are worthy of being "insignificant", which will not stop using the app, but may make you laugh if you find it. Others, however, are more disruptive, ranging from frequent crashes to inability to log in under certain circumstances. View this list to see how, if anything, your iOS 12 apps are affected.

Keep in mind that developers can update their apps at any time, so these issues may disappear after updating your app update is available

Pleco (left), NPR One (middle) and Box (right)

Apps that are downright broken

The following apps are not the ones listed above. You will not find easy to nasty bugs because you can not use these applications at all. Some will not let you log in while others just will not start.

Remember that developers can update their apps at any time so that these issues can disappear after updating your app – if there is an update

CareCredit (left), HSBC (middle) and Skype (right).

While the number of apps on this list might be a bit shocking for you, you should be aware that we are still in the early days of iOS 12. These developers will update all of their apps Work on time with this latest iOS update, maybe even before iOS 12 Beta 2 falls. Most of these issues will be just faint memories through the official release of iOS 12 in a few months.

If you're interested in trying iOS 12 first, you should read our guide to a complete guide Download and install the beta on your iPhone. After you get them, you should update your apps regularly to make sure that all patches are added by developers fixing the apps that you are having problems with.

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Cover Picture, Screenshots and GIFs by Jake Peterson / Gadget Hacks

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