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Charge your AirPods wirelessly with these cases – Review Geek

It's been over a year since Apple introduced its AirPower wireless charging mat for the first time, but we're still waiting. It may be dead (or at least greatly delayed), but we have not forgotten one thing: the promise of AirPods with wireless charging. Learn how to do it with third-party cases.

While everyone has talked about AirPower and its potential demise (though it's rumored that it's finally in production), we must not forget that Apple also announced a wireless charge case for AirPods, which would be available as a separate product you can buy to replace the original case that comes with AirPods.

We have not seen this yet A product that makes sense when something is as small as it is – just put it on a wireless charger and off you go. While AirPower might actually be performing, wireless charging the AirPods is really the only product we want.

It's probably a good bet that we'll see this at some point from Apple, either in the second-generation AirPods or as a stand-alone option you can buy for the current generation. The good news is that AirPods can already be charged wirelessly from third-party manufacturers. We dug a bit and found a few options that you should consider if you really want wireless charging with your AirPods.

NeotrixQI Wireless Charging Adapter Case ($ 20)

This wireless charging adapter case from NeotrixQI is basically a case for your case. You slide your existing AirPods charging case into this wireless charging case, and you instantly get the wireless AirPods charging options and can be used with any wireless Qi charger Your existing AirPods case. From there, the wireless charging coils of the new housing transfer the battery juice to the Lightning connector and into your existing housing.

This will make the entire box body a little bigger, but the good news is that you also have a sort of sorting protection for your AirPods case.

Skywin Wireless Charging Receiver ($ 30)

Not only is this wireless Skywin wireless receiver a full-featured case, but more of a kind of docking insert that gives the existing AirPods enclosures wireless charging power.

This is more expensive than the option But if you do not need or need a fully enclosed, wireless charging case, this little bit of use can be a slightly more convenient option for you.

And it still works the same way as in the above case, using a Lightning connector that plugs into the Lightning port of the existing case. From there takes over the wireless shop.

SliQ Wireless Qi Charging and Protective Case ($ 24)

If you prefer silicone protectors and covers on your devices most of the time, you may be pleased to receive a silicone case, the so-called SliQ, for your AirPods, which also have wireless charging.

It's basically just a silicone case that spans the entire AirPods case, and an integrated wireless charger that connects to the Lightning connector. And the soft silicone provides extra cushioning if you ever drop your AirPods.

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