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Cheddar's Magic Leap One App Is Now Available Online, This Is How It Works «Magic Leap :: Next Reality

When the announcement of Magic Leap's Cheddar app first came out on Tuesday morning, Magic Leap One (located in New York City) is now available. However, after checking throughout the day,

The free app downloads quickly and unexpectedly with no problem, so I thought it might be a quick first impression of the app and how it works.

To get the app, simply turn on your magic. Once there, you'll see a bright red and yellow cheddar logo (a block of cheese) shown on the extreme left side of the carousel.

One thing I wanted to check out was the live feed or canned video content, and it turns out to be live as the Cheddar channel on Sling TV. In fact, I turned on the Cheddar channel on the Sling TV app and the video feeds were identical and perfectly in sync.

If you have a Magic Leap ) Once you've got the Cheddar channel, it will take you to the front-facing bumper on the controller and select the Follow option.

've scanned your space (scanning your space on the Magic Leap One).

For the uninitiated, Cheddar was launched in 2016 to serve as a millennial-focused alternative to older financial news networks like CNBC and Bloomberg TV.

In the past few years of the year, if you just measure based on attention and publicity Cheddar has made a lot of progress toward its goal of competing with the major financial news networks.

report in Digiday in 2017 claimed 200,000 to 300,000 viewers per hour on its various platforms, including iOS, Android, Roku, Hulu, Twitch, Sling TV, YouTube, Amazon Prime Video, and others.

It's worth noting that this is the first live video app available for the Magic Leap One (assuming you can not count live video streams available on YouTube via the Helio app). That's a pleasant surprise because it looked like the Direct TV Magic Leap One app would be live on the device in 2019.

I can not guarantee that you'll "want" to keep Do not Miss: Do not Miss: Do not Miss: the Magic Leap One is the one and only thing you can do in the kitchen, but it's absolutely possible and quite easy.

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