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Christmas presents with something extra

It's early December, which means that if you don't start soon, you'll be lugging a CVS on vacation on December 24th, wondering which of your next and favorite love candles are fragrant and which have their noses on them. But with a little planning and imagination, you can hand out gifts that rock – and don't break the bank. All you need is a little thought … and your smartphone.



Let's face it, we all spend too much time taking pictures with our cell phones instead of living in the moment. But you can make this an advantage with chatbooks, a service that converts your smartphone pictures into books inexpensively and easily. Simply download the Chatbook app to your iPhone or Android, select the desired product and choose photos from your camera roll. Books range in price from $ 10 (6 x 6 inch softcover) to $ 20 (8 x 8 inch hardcover) and have 30 pages. Additional pages cost 20 cents for the small book and 40 cents for the large one. So take your photos of Dad's 90th or last year's Alaska cruise and turn it into a pretty little love pack. Just give yourself a week or two to make sure the book ships in time.


The Gift of Serenity

You recommended meditation, but your stressed-out friend says she can't sit still and don't think about anything. For just $ 12.99, you can give her a monthly subscription to Headspace, the guided meditation app with Andy Puddicome's soothing English accent. For $ 60, you can offer another popular app, Calm, for a year that offers guided meditation, soothing songs, and (for the sleepless on your list) adult sleep stories. Or give them Calm's Lavender Sleeping Mist on Amazon for just $ 20 and write them a little note so they know they can try Calm for free for 30 days.


The Perfect T-Shirt (or Bottle)

CafePress is an online print-on-demand store where you can design your own or choose from others. It has almost everything: a notorious RBG t-shirt ($ 22), iPhone cases with your own picture ($ 27), or even a personalized stainless steel bottle ($ 20). As with all personalized gifts, you should allow enough time for the gift to arrive.

What you should give your smart friends


You can't sew a button on a shirt. let alone sew a quilt or knit a homemade sweater. But for your sly friend, you should recognize his talent with personalized sewing labels that are available in sets of 25 for $ 23 from Amazon. The same goes for your friend who bakes (bread labels on Etsy for $ 8.50). Of course, if you can knit or bake, definitely take some of these labels for yourself and give your talents to your friends

kitchen gadgets and the gift of attention

 pastedGraphic_4.png Here is one Gift that you can buy in bulk and give to almost everyone on your list. ChicWrap reinvents the low plastic film as something colorful and bizarre that actually works . The plastic does not mess up the roll as it does when packing in a supermarket and also adheres well to bowls and plates. (Watch this video.) ChicWrap is available in seven different designs and costs only $ 15 for Everything Kitchen. And while we're dealing with simple household appliances, how about the low grapefruit spoon? My husband always says that buying the perfect gift is mostly a matter of attention. So if you notice that your friend is having trouble scooping out grapefruit pieces with an unserrated spoon, or if he always sighs with envy when he sees you are using your garlic press, skip the slippers and picture frames and give him exactly that, what he needs.

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