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Chrome 70 has picture-in-picture now, that's how it works

Chrome's picture-in-picture mode, which allows you to float videos across other windows, is live in Chrome 70, but it's not the most intuitive feature. In fact, it is almost hidden in some cases.

What's picture-in-picture in Chrome?

Just like on your TV, Chrome's picture-in-picture mode lets you filter a video out of the special tab that it's currently in and hovers it over other windows. It works on Chrome for Windows, Mac, and Linux, putting the floating window in an always-on-top state so you can move it anywhere, and keep it above other windows.

This is a nice little feature if you are tight enough for the screen real estate and still need to keep an eye on a video, but it's also pretty tedious to find it ̵

1; at least on YouTube.

How to Use Chrome's Picture-in-Picture Mode

To If you're calling a video from a YouTube tab and casting it over other windows, you'll need to access Chrome's right-click menu. But if you've ever right-clicked on a YouTube video, you know it has its own menu:

To access the Chrome menu, right-click , a second time, that gives you the following:

And there it is: "Picture in picture." Just click on the little guy and the video comes out, free to live it outside of a browser tab. They are growing up so fast.

Once the Pip is turned on, the YouTube window in which the video normally plays will turn black and show the text "The video is playing in picture-in-picture mode" [19659004] To move the video from the Pip window and back to its tab, just click on the small X in the upper right corner of the video.

Alternatively, you can double-click again by right-clicking on the YouTube window and unchecking the "Picture in Picture" option.

Just peasy … as soon as you know where to find it.

To get Pip compatible in other video players, you should just click once [right-click once] – remember that this does not work on every site. YouTube will probably be the most used scenario, and now you know how to do it.

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