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Chrome for Android has a dark mode – turn it on

  Chrome for Android Dark Mode

The Chrome desktop browser recently went into dark mode for both Mac and Windows, but is also available for Android. However, it is not quite as easy as other platforms, as it is currently behind a flag. How to activate it.

First of all, you need to make sure that Chrome is updated in the Play Store. The version should be at least 74. You can check this in Settings> About Chrome. If you do not have 74 yet, it will not work. It will be gradually provided by the Play Store, but you can also load the APK if you do not want to play the waiting game.

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When everything is up to date, start Chrome and enter the following into the omnibox:

  chrome: // flags / # enable-android-night-mode 

Tap the drop-down menu and select "Enabled" Click the button below to restart the browser.

When Chrome reopens, tap the menu button and go back to Settings. should be a new option called "Dark Mode" in the main menu.

If the option does not appear for you, you must do this Close Chrome and reopen it. Just tap the back button, swipe it, and start it again. After that, the option should be present.

The Dark Mode menu item is pretty simple: just turn it on. That's it.

It's worth noting that, for obvious reasons, this is behind a flag: it's still kind of … weird. For example, the tabs button is just a few shades lighter than the rest of the interface, making it difficult to read.

Also, it resembles incognito mode (which is actually ). brighter than in dark mode), which can be a burden for some users.

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