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Clean these 5 things to protect you from the flu

Welcome the flu season . If nobody in your office has the flu, wait. The more people who catch cold in the winter, the greater the risk that you will discover a bug or a virus, especially as we spend more time breathing in warm air.

In addition to feeling utterly miserable, the flu can also be life threatening. The first line of defense is to get a flu shot . The second? Keep yourself and clean your room .

Here are some simple routines to reduce the risk of getting sick.

Wash your hands first.

Look, you already know that the outside world is dirty, especially if you travel by public transport or work in an office. They come in contact with all kinds of germs every day and bring them home.

Even if you only sit at your desk you are exposed to 400 times more bacteria than on a toilet seat. Big, right?

You should wash your hands more often, especially during the flu season. Get used to washing your hands as soon as you get home ̵

1; there will be a long way to keeping you healthy.

Disinfect the most touched spots

Light switches, door knobs, TV remote controls, the refrigerator handle, your computer mouse . All these high-traffic places in your home and office are touched several times a day and are probably full of germs.

Keep these areas clean by wiping them daily with a disinfectant spray or cleaning cloth. Look for Cleaning Products that are explicitly designed to kill germs to keep viruses and bacteria in check, such as Clorox wipes or Lysol spray.

Wipe off overlooked surfaces

When did you last wipe your coffee table or bedside table? These spots also pollute but are not cleaned that often.

Clean them every few days during flu season or more frequently if someone is actively ill at home. A disinfectant wipe is the easiest way, but always use something that is safe for the finish of your furniture.

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Clean Your Phone

You've probably heard that mobile phones can be far more sterile than a toilet seat. We carry them everywhere and keep touching them, so it's no wonder they are so disgusting.

Wipe your phone at least weekly with a safe detergent and a microfiber cloth. Stay away from the tough antibacterial wipes you would use at home. You can destroy the coatings on the screen of your phone.

Choose a mix of water and alcohol or water and vinegar instead. For more information about cleaning your phone, see .

Wash your sheets and towels frequently

Do you wash your sheets and towels enough? Probably not. If you or someone else is sick at home, it is important to wash your laundry in hot water every few days to remove germs. Even better, give the ill person their own towel for the bathroom so that they are less likely to pass on germs to others.

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